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The Impact Zone

News from the MBAA: A New MBAA Leadership Team Takes the Helm

by Yakubu Agbese, 2012 MBA Graduate

The MBAA class of 2012 definitely made its mark on campus. It built on the success of the MBAA class of 2011 and carried out new initiatives that raised student engagement in student government and extra-curricular activities. Streamlining class schedules, organizing several successful company visits, raising the profile of NET Impact, and making tailgates a bigger part of MBA life are just a few of the accomplishments that the MBAA leadership can look back on with pride. Fortunately, the class of 2013 looks ready to further cement the legacy of successful MBAA leadership.

Sustainability Summit Jack Levis, Director of Process Management—UPS, spoke at Net Impact's Sustainability Summit

The NET Impact team, led by Net Impact president Kyle Bogler, hosted a well-attended Net Impact Sustainability Summit and, more recently, rounded up dozens of students for Spring Service Day. Students who took part in Spring Service Day braved a heavy rainstorm and cleaned up a stretch of the I-80 highway. Besides building upon the success of the previous class, the new MBAA team has already implemented its own new plans. Peer-to-peer training sessions, and forums where students teach each other communication and computer skills are off to a great start. At peer-to-peer, students learned how to use Prezi, a software package for adding video to Powerpoint presentations, as well as advanced Powerpoint skills.

Of course, the MBAA team plans to carry its momentum forward into the next semester. Stronger support for international students, deeper student-alumni connections, and sparking fast engagement for incoming MBAs are key goals that have been targeted by the current MBAA leadership team. The MBAA has already begun work on what will be the first alumni tailgate. All Tippie MBAs on the university alumni contact list will be sent an invitation to the homecoming tailgate, which will take place on September 29.

leadership team The leadership team will soon begin
meeting to put their plans for the 2013
school year into action

The new MBAA leadership team is eager to implement two other initiatives that will make student life much easier, especially for incoming students. Buying books and finding an apartment are two of the most stressful duties of life as a student. Both are expensive, and it is not always easy for students to determine which landlords are honest. To solve both of these problems, the MBAA is laying the groundwork for what will be the Tippie School of Management’s first book and housing exchange. The book and housing exchange will create a centralized marketplace in which first year students can buy, rent, or borrow textbooks and course packets from second year MBA students. The housing exchange will make it easier for both second and first year students to get early notification of student housing and for students to find out which landlords to avoid.

MBAA President Kandis Meinders has an ambitious agenda ahead, but is confident that the MBAA leadership team can meet the high expectations it has set for itself. “Our team has learned the importance of getting buy-in from students and the Tippie community as a whole," Meinders said. "So far, everyone has contributed to the MBAA’s success.”