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Shannon Cofield

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The Impact Zone

A Message from Dean Sa-Aadu

Social Responsibility

The core assets of any organization, whether profit or not-for-profit, are its human capital: the individuals who collectively help deliver on the mission and value proposition of the enterprise. Hence, corporate social responsibility as a culture is simply the aggregation or collection of individual social responsibility. Moreover, being socially responsible implies leadership, ethics, integrity and the willingness to be held accountable for what we promise to do. This issue of our newsletter highlights what the Tippie MBA is doing to inculcate in students the imperatives of being socially responsible, particularly in this age of sweeping global change.

The integrity article by Cheeni Rao makes a very cogent point that the sustainability and hence the life blood of any viable business today lies in social responsibility. Furthermore, there are a variety of ways (or currencies) that social responsibility can become manifest in individuals and organizations. In the long run (and in the short run), the brand of the organization, which drives value, is shaped by its culture of social responsibility. Read about the innovative initiatives undertaken by Tippie MBA students on social responsibility, including a Girls on the Run consulting project, a Business Solutions Center project with Goodwill, and as a board fellow at Shelter House. Yes, there are many currencies in which social responsibility can be expressed.

Global Mindset

Also, as part of our efforts to adapt to and manage change, we have embarked on innovative curriculum adjustments to better align the Tippie MBA program with the global market place by helping students develop a global mindset. This issue of Inside the Tippie MBA focuses on one of the most successful Global Learning Opportunity (GLO) trips that took students (FTMBA and MBA-PM) to the United Arab Emirates. The trip was a total immersion of cultural and educational activities that enhanced the cultural competencies of students and provided them much needed global perspectives.

Our external engagement with alumni and corporate partners continues unabated and is yielding dividends. Full-time MBA student A.J. Honore sheds light on our "lunch and learn" initiative led by Finance Academy Business Director Cathy Zaharis. Through this initiative, alumni are sharing their ideas and experiences with students, which is helping them develop both hard and soft skills necessary for career success in the current volatile global market.

To maintain relevance and credibility, we are passionate about external engagement as a vehicle for delivering on our value proposition in this age of change and volatility.