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The Tippie MBA Wall

Get to know Tippie alumni, students, and faculty. Discover The Power of I through their eyes and see for yourself how Integrity, Innovation, and Impact make a difference in life on campus and across the globe.

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Doug Yoder He's leading consumer insights in global marketing.

Cara Wick Her graduate assistantship at Tippie guided her toward a career she's passionate about.

Todd Nelson Considers the Tippie Full-time MBA Program the gem of the Midwest.

Nate Roelfs As a full-time MBA student, Nate Roelfs also ran a small, sustainable lawn care business.

Cody Myers Cody took advantage of multiple experiential learning experiences to help him land his ideal position.

Rod Lehnertz Course work and team projects helped prepare Rod for workplace challenges.

Azeem Ahmed Chose Tippie MBA over other programs developed specifically for physicians.

Ashish Singru This Microsoft marketing exec merges marketing and science every day.

Jason Carlson His highly sought-after internship in Citigroup's consumer bank evolved into a full-time offer.

Norm Johnson Former CEO offers advice to students

Dundeana Doyle Tippie degrees laid the groundwork for career success.

Cindy Goody Works with one of the biggest fast food chains in the world to promote healthy, balanced diets.

James Draper Jim chose Tippie when he realized in order to advance his career he would need to gain a broader view of the business world.

Mosah Fernandez-Goodman His Business Solutions Center project turned into a job offer.

Jennifer Johnston Torrez Sought an MBA program to prepare her for an innovative career.

Meggie Scott She originally wanted to be in brand management at a CPG company, and that's exactly where she is now.

Miles Kirkpatrick He went from Tippie to Microsoft.

Larry Menke MBA degree gave him the business skills to succeed.

Matt Lane Credits his Tippie MBA with creating opportunities he wouldn't have had without it.

Adriane Downs She partially credits her success to Tippie's extracurricular offerings.

Madeline Noble Windauer Started out with a fine arts degree, but landed an accomplished career in tax.

Michael Maves Medical doctor expands his career options with business training.

Tiffani Orange Applied what she learned in class on Tuesday to land a job on Wednesday.

Samantha Lane Internship gave her experience and self-confidence.

Tara From Business associate with United Airlines

Jennifer Meents Relies on everything she learned from her MBA degree when making tough business decisions.

Kathleen Dore Chose to help educate MBA students about leadership in today's business world.

Lorraine Hart A 30-year finance career started with a Tippie MBA.

Matt Adam Matthew Adam continues to give back to the community.

Gonca Paul A sense of adventure brought her to Tippie. Dedication and determination delivered her career.

Sridip Mukhopadhyaya Describes his Tippie MBA experience as transformative.

Spencer Anderson The Tippie Alumni Network helped him get his dream job with the Indiana Pacers.

Jared Marks Ready for a summer finance internship at Ford Motor Company.

Jon Finley Finley converted internship into career

Dave Nylen Dave Nylen's business is for the birds.

Tanner Scott He was able to develop a strong network while at Tippie.

Megan McKay Megan attributes her business success to her BBA and MBA degrees from Iowa.

Joel Schmidt Local industry leader got his start at Tippie.

Iana Stahov Gained essential finance experience through the Henry Fund.

Katie Lyon She knows a great learning environment when she sees one.

Clint Landis Considers earning his Tippie MBA the smartest thing he's ever done.

Consuelo Madere This alum is still using knowledge gained through the MBA-PM Program.

Nicolle Thompson Her MBA degree opened doors to new opportunities and a career change.

Rob Johnston He got all that he wanted from his Tippie MBA.

Lance Golinghorst MBA group projects prepared him for daily challenges at Target.

Gabriella Siefert "Tippie allows you to find a community to learn and grow in."

Perry Glassgow Perry Glassgow, vice president and controller for Harley-Davison Inc., is first and foremost a Hawkeye.

Carl Schumacher Carl Schumacher received two degrees from Iowa.


Jeff Ohlmann Explores the realm where professional sports meet the science of mathematics.

Jude West Emeritus professor continues to serve the University of Iowa.

Bill Hedgcock Marketing professor conducts research on why people make bad decisions and how we can help them make better ones.

John Murry Corporate branding experience adds depth to classroom teaching.

Erik Lie His academic research influenced how the world does business.

Ann Campbell Professor's research enhances disaster relief efforts.

Greg Stewart Studied the importance of handshakes during job interviews.

Barrett Thomas Partners with Iowa industry leaders to bring Lean concepts to the MBA program.

Nancy Hauserman Tippie professor loves the spark that happens when teaching.

Amy Colbert Once a Tippie student. Today a Tippie faculty member.

Larry Hershberger Alum returns to lead insurance program at Iowa.

Todd Houge Professor Houge explains the Krause and Henry Funds

Lon Moeller Shares leadership and teaching excellence with Tippie's students.

John Spitzer Real-world experience brought to life in the classroom.