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Kathleen Dore

Kathleen Dore

Senior Advisor, Proteus International


MBA 1984

“Big corporations are fast replacing governments as the most powerful institutions in our world,” says Kathleen Dore, MBA84. “Government didn’t cause the financial collapse; corporations did. If these trends continue,  business leaders will, in fact, have a greater role in influencing social, cultural, and  political change.”

Because of this increase in responsibility among business leaders, Dore has chosen to financially support the Tippie MBA program and its LEAP program (Leadership, Ethics, and Professionalism), which is helping educate MBA students about leadership in today’s business world.

“There are concrete skills that leaders need to develop. It’s about more than just going with your gut instincts,” she says. “In most areas of business, there are skills you can learn and use that will benefit you.

“It’s been my experience that MBA students have very strong practical business skills and knowledge when they come back to work after earning their degree, but they’re not as grounded in the core skills of teaming, managing, and leading,” she says. “Those deficits tend to stall their careers at some point, because they’re moving so quickly up the ladder, but without those core leadership skills. . It’s my hope that by supporting the LEAP Program, Iowa graduates will graduate with top skills in those areas.”

Dore currently serves as a senior advisor at Proteus International Inc., a management consulting firm specializing in organizational vision, strategy, and leadership. In her previous work as president of the Broadcasting Division of CanWest Media Inc., and President of Entertainment Services at New York-based Rainbow Media, Dore hired Proteus to help her develop the companies’ vision and strategy and to offer management skill training to mid-level managers.

“Throughout my career, I have found that success is about having a clear point of view about where you want to go, articulating it, and being able to attract and retain great people to work with you toward that goal,” she says. “At this point in my career, I’m delighted to be passing those skills on to others through my work at Proteus.”