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Dundeana Doyle

Dundeana Doyle

Senior Vice President, Energy Delivery, Alliant Energy


BBA 1980 (Marketing and Management)
EMBA 1989



As senior vice president of Energy Delivery at Alliant Energy, Dundeana Doyle was responsible for the vast majority of the company’s field operations. 

"From the time power leaves the plant until it arrives in the customer's home - my team and I are responsible for it," she explained. She managed 2,500 employees whose duties include engineering, electric and natural gas operations, customer service and  Smart Grid deployment in the Alliant Energy service territories in Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

Dundeana's career steadily advanced since she joined the company in 1984. (At that time, the company was Iowa Electric.) She held positions such as Vice President, Strategy and Regulatory Affairs; Vice President, Strategy and Risk; Vice President – Infrastructure Security; and Vice President of Customer Operations as well as various management positions.  She retired in August 2011.

The energy industry is challenging. Issues such as climate change, changing regulations, and energy costs all can affect the company and its operations. In her role overseeing energy delivery for Alliant Energy, Doyle lead the company's emphasis on the importance of customer service. She is passionate about the service that Alliant Energy provides and believes that good customer service has a positive ripple effect throughout the company, whether it be with employees, regulators, or investors.

Doyle believes that earning her Tippie Executive MBA degree, while working full-time, was an ideal opportunity for her to leverage her learning experience and career advancement. "The MBA experience at Iowa was fantastic.  Balancing the rigors of the academic requirements and my work required me to better prioritize and rely on my team mates, both at work and in the classroom.  None of us can be successful on our own and my time at Iowa not only met my need for additional learning, but honed some of my general business and management skills."

Following in the footsteps of her three sisters, and a proud Hawkeye through and through, Dundeana completed her undergraduate degree at The University of Iowa where she majored in marketing and administrative management.

Shortly after completing her undergraduate degree, she embarked on an unusual path that would ultimately launch her impressive career. A visit to Washington D.C. led to her discovering a job opening working with Congressman Jim Leach.

"It was a fantastic job. I went on to be a legislative assistant to Congressman Grassley when the Republicans gained control of the Senate following the 1980 elections. It was an unbelievable experience – for instance, within a week on the job, I was writing a floor speech for him on estate tax. I was forced to learn quickly."

One of the benefits to being an aid to a Senator is the role of gatekeeper. "If people wanted access to the Senator, they often had to start with me. I was very young, yet in four years on Capitol Hill I had built a network of contacts that were at senior levels within their organizations."

One of those contacts lead to an interview with the president and CEO of Iowa Electric, an Alliant Energy predecessor company, and from there, a 27-year career blossomed.

"My time in Washington DC was one of those fortuitous breaks that put a lot of things in motion for me. I am very fortunate to have been presented with great opportunities and to have worked with wonderful people. I never planned my career in the traditional sense, but was willing to take some risks, leverage my experiences and work hard along side of others to deliver results on behalf of our customers and shareowners."