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Tara From

Tara From

Business Associate, Emerging Leaders Program at United Airlines


MBA 2011




United Airlines

How did receiving a Tippie MBA prepare you for your career?  

Tippie has a strong curriculum and faculty. Additionally, the Marketing Academy activities provided me with the functional expertise I needed to interview for marketing and leadership development roles. The career services team takes an individualized approach with each student. They did not just want to help me find a job. They wanted to help me find the job that would make me happy and would set me up for long-term career success. My career coach met with me every other week and was instrumental in connecting me with the right opportunities but also in helping me understand which companies and positions would be the right fit for me.

What type of impact did the program have on you both socially and academically?

I made lifelong friends at Tippie. I continue keep in touch with classmates, staff and faculty. Students at Tippie tend to get very involved. I have so many great memories from planning events, going on road trips and hearing from incredible speakers – that was just as much part of the growth experience as the coursework.

How did the consulting opportunities (BSC) prepare you for future success? Did you feel they were instrumental to your development?

I participated in the BSC both years – first as a participant and then as a team leader. It was instrumental to my development at Tippie. The stakes were much higher with the projects because we were consulting for companies with high expectations. My favorite aspects of the BSC both years were twofold 1. Working with a team and drawing on each other’s unique skill sets and strengths to achieve a strong final work product 2. Knowing that our work product made a significant positive difference four our clients and was well worth the investment they made in us.

What was the environment like both on and off campus, in and out of the classroom?

Tippie has small class sizes, and the culture is collaborative and friendly. I have many close friends from the program, and we often spent time together outside of class. Iowa City has a lot to offer. There is a great arts scene. Iowa’s outstanding Writer’s Workshop draws some of the best writers in contemporary fiction, and there are a lot of writer’s readings. If you enjoy the outdoors, there are jogging and bike paths throughout the city. There are a number of reasonably-priced restaurants with great food. Some of my favorites are One Twenty Six, Orchard Green Lounge and Three Samurai.

What were you seeking when you started an MBA, and do you feel that your Tippie MBA helped you achieve it?

I came to Tippie with work experience in journalism and non-profit marketing. My goal was to get the business training and technical skills I needed to reach my goal of being placed in a leadership development program at a major company. The education and experience I gained at Tippie helped me reach that goal. The core courses gave me a strong foundation in business knowledge, and the marketing curriculum and electives gave me confidence in my technical skills.

How did your participation in extra activities enhance your experience or prepare you for success? 

I was very active in extra activities at Tippie. I was President of the GMA, a member of NWMBA and also led a BSC project. The two main benefits were first that I formed stronger relationships with my peers and second that I got significant leadership experience. As a student organization leader, I led a team to organize a marketing forum, a community service event and company outreach trips in multiple cities. As a BSC team leader, I learned valuable leadership lessons as I kept our team of five on track to deliver for one of the largest insurance providers in the world.

What do you feel sets Tippie apart and above other similar MBA programs? In short, what makes Tippie special?

I believe what makes Tippie special is the culture, which in large part is due to the small class sizes and favorable faculty and staff to student ratio. You know everyone in the program, and you can tap into those connections to create lifelong personal friendships and professional connections that are deep and strong. Tippie is known for taking an individualized approach with educating and placing students, and part of the culture is recognizing the strengths you can draw on from others and that can be drawn on from you in the tight-knit community.