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Michael Maves

Michael Maves

Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer, American Medical Association (AMA)


EMBA 1988

For Michael Maves, his Tippie experience helped him learn a new language—the language of business. As a trained physician, he knew medical terminology well, but the Tippie Executive MBA Program gave him the chance to learn the intricacies of business, which greatly accelerated his personal growth.

Maves retired in June 2011 from a position as the Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of the American Medical Association (AMA).  In that position, Maves put his business skills to use every day. He was the chief staff officer in charge of approximately 1,100 employees and a $280 million budget.

"The AMA is a complex enterprise," he explained. "While the AMA is best known for our advocacy on behalf of physicians, the business entities (publishing, insurance, database licensing) provide the economic resources for us to do our public policy work. What I learned through my Tippie EMBA has been instrumental in helping me navigate today’s complex health care management challenges." 

As he reflects on his EMBA experience, Maves thinks fondly of the relationships that were developed through his study groups. He encountered few team projects as a medical student, but his experience in the Tippie EMBA Program helped him appreciate the power of teamwork.

"I realized that most assignments could not be done as an individual, but that working in a group, with shared responsibilities, we could accomplish a great deal. This has served me well in my work with the AMA."

Maves keeps in touch with some of his old study group classmates and fondly recalls the faculty who helped him in and out of class. Through the years, the Tippie Executive MBA Program has become widely respected for providing a top-notch education to emerging business leaders throughout the region. Maves agrees.

"Like a good stock, the value of my education at The University of Iowa has multiplied many-fold."