Alumni Involvement Survey

Stay connected to your network of Iowa MBA graduates. Please take a couple of minutes to complete the following survey and tell us how you would like to get involved by choosing the activities that best suit your needs.

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New Student Recruitment
Provide a testimonial for use in radio and print advertising
Participate in information receptions/dinners
Join an online chat session for prospective students
Mentor current students seeking course-/career-related advice

Social Events
Host/attend networking events
Hawkeye game-watching parties
Cultural events

Educational/Academic Programming
Advise the program relating to curriculum and program activities
Share your expertise as a guest speaker in classes
Participate in regional alumni panels and/or career networking forums
Attend educational and/or executive presentations
Serve as a venture capitalist in the 6N:240 Strategic Management and Business Policy course

Would you like to participate in the MBA Career Services Tippie Professional Network?  *
The Tippie Professional Network is an opportunity to give back to the University of Iowa MBA program by sharing your functional background and industry knowledge with current MBA students. This includes participation in mock interview events, serving as a resource for career guidance and technical expertise, contributing as a guest speaker on campus, and mentoring individual students.

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By submitting this form, I authorize the Tippie School of Management to send my name and contact information to MBA alumni who are coordinating MBA events and activities within my region for the specific use of UI MBA events.
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