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CareerLeader® is a self-assessment tool used by more than 400 leading business schools and companies around the world. After much research, it was developed by Dr. Tim Butler, the director of the career development programs at the Harvard Business School, and his colleague, Dr. James Waldroop. It is a web-based, interactive tool that measures your interests, abilities, and motivations to suggest which business roles and business cultures you are well suited to. The CareerLeader® assessment is comprised of three tests, which can usually be completed in an hour. The results CareerLeader® provides are extensive and practical! If you are a career-changer or just want to explore other avenues for you to use your MBA degree, we recommend you take this test!

This assessment is FREE to currently admitted Full-time MBA, PMBA, and admitted CIMBA students. MBA alumni may take the test at the discounted rate of $75 at (alumni do not need to complete the registration below).

To take CareerLeader®, please complete the following application and an email will be sent to you with access details. We recommend you take the test as soon as you can after getting this information as the access information does expire. Tests can be taken twice, but please note that the second test will overwrite the first. We suggest you print off a copy of the first test results when you get them so that you can compare the second to the first, should you choose to take the test again in the future.

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