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MBA-PM Career Management Workshops

"Anybody engaging in a job search or preparing for graduation without having attended at least a few of these workshops is severely limiting their potential. The discussion and activities on resume structure, patterns of persuasion, and interview evaluations are something every student should be exposed to before graduating (and much earlier if possible!)."

— Nathan Erwin,
current student

No doubt part of your decision-making process to join a top-ranked MBA program included a desire to move ahead in your career. If this is your goal, it is imperative that as you begin enhancing your technical skills (through your classes), you simultaneously begin mastering the skills needed to secure your dream job. These skills include writing a powerful resume, outperforming your competition in the interview, expanding your network, and negotiating masterfully. Topics such as these are covered in both on-site and recorded workshops available to you once you join the Tippie MBA-PM Program. Don't delay starting this training because you never know when an opportunity may come your way, and leveraging these skills will take time.

Recorded Workshops

Don't have time to attend a workshop in person? Consider investing one hour at a time and place of your choice!

Recorded workshops on the following topics can be accessed through the registration form below.

  • Become a SMART Interviewee: Learn how to maximize your time in front of the potential employer, learn what to say and what not to say, and discover how to tell your story effectively. Find out how interviewers come up with their questions and the difference between a good answer and a better one.
  • Getting the Most out of CareerLeader®: This wonderful tool will help you review your CareerLeader® assessment results and focus on areas that might prove most useful to your career progression. Before registering for this workshop, take the assessment.
  • Negotiating to a Positive Outcome: Learn answers to "Is everything negotiable? When should I ask for a raise? Should I change my negotiating strategy because of this economy? How do I negotiate with a difficult person?"
  • The Power of a Dynamic Resume: Learn how to increase your chances of getting the interview by crafting a unique and targeted resume.

"CareerLeader was extremely helpful, as it is very comprehensive, insightful, and full of 'extra' information."
—Current MBA student

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On-site Workshops

On-site workshops are scheduled periodically throughout the year in Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, and the Quad Cities. These workshops cover topics essential to advancing your careers within your current organization. As they are scheduled, workshops and times will be posted here, and an email will be sent to alert all MBA-PM students.

Questions? Email Jana Klauke or call 319-335-2750.