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Gold-Level Career Services

If you are an admitted Professional MBA student who has met required qualifications, you are invited to take advantage of the Gold Level of Professional MBA Career Management Service offerings. This includes:

  1. On-site workshops offered on topics including (but not limited to) resume writing, leveraging your MBA early, mastering your interviewing skills, and successful negotiating (no previous requirements to attend)
  2. Recorded workshops offered on topics including (but not limited to) resume writing, understanding your CareerLeader® assessment results, successful interviewing, and negotiating techniques (no previous requirements to attend)
  3. Career management resources housed in the PMBA ICON site (no previous requirements to access)
  4. Free access to CareerLeader®, an online career assessment tool that helps students determine their best functional and corporate culture fit in various business areas based upon their interests, abilities, and motivations (no previous requirements to take)
  5. Individual coaching assistance with your Professional MBA career management coach
  6. Resume and cover letter critiques
  7. Access to our Tippie MBA online recruiting system, MBA Focus
  8. Free access to numerous web-based job searching tools such as GoingGlobal, InterviewStream, Careershift, Career Insider, and MBA Highway (through MBA Focus)
  9. Posting your Tippie-formatted resume in an online resume book (in MBA Focus)
  10. Access to Tippie MBA job postings (through MBA Focus)
  11. Access to the MBA Professional and Alumni Networks (through MBA Focus)
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