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Career Services

Pursuing your MBA is about investing in and managing your career. The MBA Career Services team is your partner in the ongoing process of career management, and will work with you to:

  • Identify areas of personal and professional development, volunteering, and leadership
  • Provide tools for you to be successful in creating and managing your career plan
  • Strengthen your resume to document your value proposition for your current or future roles
  • Leverage your experience and your MBA to advance and grow
  • Give you the confidence to take your next step, including goal setting and planning
We offer a range of resources and services which are accessible online, in person, and onsite in Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, and the Quad Cities (as scheduled).


The Tippie MBA Career Guide

  • A convenient handbook that provides a framework for increasing your understanding of how to manage your career and the steps and preparation associated with the process. Download the guide.

Tools for Resume and Cover Letter Writing

  • Professional MBA Resume Template: A one-page resume template with a focus on experience. Can be adapted to any professional background.
    Download: Template
  • Cover letter sample: Can be adapted to accompany a resume, letter of inquiry, or professional portfolio.
    Download: Sample
  • Resume Sample - Reverse Chronological/Traditional (1 page and 2 page formats): Sample resume including an overview of education, experience, and skills. Professionals with less than 8 years of experience should shoot for one page; those with 8+ years can expand to two pages.
    Download: 1 Page Format, 2 Page Format
  • Resume Sample - Functional Resume: Groups skill sets into categories. Best for candidates transitioning from one field to another or re-entering the workplace after a gap in employment.
    Download: Sample
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) Sample: Best for professional experience focused on education, research, and related academic activities. Commonly used outside the U.S.
    Download: Sample
  • Power Verb List: Use this extensive list to build powerful and effective resume bullet points.
    Download: List

MBAFocus Online Recruiting System

  • MBAFocus is an important part of your toolkit for career management. Use this comprehensive tool to look up alumni by company and browse MBA job listings, as well as RSVP to Tippie events. Also housed in the system are job search tools including:
    • Beyond B-school - Useful tutorials on LinkedIn profile writing, building your brand, and more.
    • GoingGlobal - A comprehensive, subscription-based job search website site, specific to MBAFocus.

    • Interview Stream - Multimedia interviewing preparation tool; record and critique your interviewing abilities.

    • Career Shift - Streamline and manage your job search in a systematic way.

    • Career Insider - In-depth career and industry insights to determine a match between your skills and employment opportunities.

  • First-time users need to contact us to activate your MBAFocus account. Email with your request.

Individual Development Plan

  • A tool to help professionals develop their skills, create a focused approach to development, and achieve career goals.
  • Document your goals here; return to this document to stay on track and document progress.
  • Download the Individual Development Plan (Excel)


Career Coaching

Maybe you've identified a goal - a promotion, a new job, changing careers altogether, or becoming a better networker. Perhaps you're not sure what your next goal should be. Tippie's Career Coaches can help. Contact us to set up a 30-minute conversation and let us guide you on next steps to create and achieve your career goals.


When something comes naturally, it doesn't come to mind very often. But emphasizing your strengths is important on your resume and in your "pitch" to employers, whether it's your current employer (for a promotion) or a job interview.

  • The Career Leader assessment identifies strengths and areas for opportunity, so you know what to emphasize and where to focus your efforts for improvement. Pointing out what you do better than the competition will help to set you apart from the rest.
  • To access the Harvard Career Leader (no cost, one time only) please contact the Tippie Career Services with your request at

Events & Workshops

Career Management Workshops

Essentials of Career Management is an on-site workshop available at each MBA-PM site each semester. The workshop will cover resumes, cover letters, interviewing, goal setting, and opportunities for professional advancement outside of a job change. We encourage all students to attend an ECM workshop during their time as a student.

MBA Networking Events

Tippie Table Talks, our most popular networking event, offers an opportunity for MBA students to engage with alumni and community business leaders.

  • To find and RSVP to upcoming Table Talks: log into MBAFocus and click Tippie Table Talk in the Upcoming Events section (middle column). If the link is not visible, no events are currently scheduled.

University of Iowa Events

Go beyond MBA-specific events to network and expand your perspective. The University of Iowa has opportunities around the country and the world. Explore these opportunities at the links below.

Meet the Team

Get to know the Career Services team that supports all Tippie MBA students.