Current Students

Creating Your Plan of Study

The Professional MBA advising staff welcomes your questions and encourages you to consult with an advisor at any time during your studies to discuss a personalized plan of study.

However, we know there are times when meeting with an advisor just isn’t possible. To get you started, we have compiled a list of resources online for you to utilize at your convenience.

To develop a plan of study, there are five major components to consider.

  1. Degree Requirements
    You must complete 15 courses—9 core and 6 electives—for a total of 45 credit hours to meet the requirements for the Professional MBA Program.

  2. Previous Studies
    Transfer Credits and Waivers—You may be able to obtain course waivers if you have recently completed academic work in some subjects.

  3. Course Offerings
    Be aware of course prerequisites (we expect that you will follow those listed) and be aware of the sequence of courses. For example, Corporate Financial Reporting is a prerequisite for Managerial Finance, and Managerial Finance is the prerequisite for all finance electives. Alert an advisor if you have a particular area of interest, so that we may suggest the most efficient path.

    We suggest a balance of quantitative work with less quantitative courses each semester. For example, Business Analytics works well with Marketing Management or Management in Organizations. Similar courses serve as a complement to Corporate Financial Reporting.

    Professional MBA Course Flow Chart—This chart illustrates the progression of courses in the order which courses should be taken to satisfy prerequisites.

    Find out when the required core courses are offered in your area, then use the Plan of Study (see box at top of page) to help in considering the sequence to follow in completing core courses, and the time frame to complete the program.

  4. Concentrations
    The Professional MBA Program provides students with the opportunity to select the electives that fit their professional goals and objectives. PMBA students are not required to have a concentration.

    Option to Focus—Some Professional MBA students select their electives in one particular area to develop a “concentration.” Concentrations are not declared, nor are they listed on diplomas or transcripts. Twelve hours (not including the core course) from one department constitutes an informal concentration. Concentrations may be reflected on your resume.

    Option to Diversify—Professional MBA students may choose to develop a diversified portfolio of knowledge and skills by choosing electives from several different areas of study.

  5. Sample Plan of Study

    Sample Three-Year Plan of Study
    Academic Year Courses
    1st year Business Analytics
    Corporate Financial Reporting
    Management in Organizations
    Marketing Management
    Summer Elective
    2nd year Managerial Economics
    Operations Management
    Managerial Finance
    Summer Elective
    3rd year Global Business Strategy
    Strategic Management & Policy
    Summer Elective
    Note: The Professional MBA may be completed in 30 months to 10 years.

    Students who have significant undergraduate course work in a specific business area may be waived from one or more core courses. Consult with an advisor to see if you qualify.