Faculty Resources

General Course Information

  1. Cancellation of Class
  2. Reserve Materials & Library Resources
  3. Arranging for Make-up Exams
  4. Evaluations—Final and Mid-Semester
  5. Compensation
  6. Reproducing Course Materials
  7. Online Photo Directory
  8. Course Materials
  9. ICON (Iowa Courses Online)
  10. Textbooks and Course Packets
  11. Returning Student Materials
  12. Site Computer Software Information

Cancellation of Class

Severe Weather

If the program site hosting your off-campus MBA class is closed, MBA classes at that site will be canceled. Class may also be canceled when adverse weather prevents you from traveling safely to your course location.

Whenever possible, the decision to cancel will be made before 2:30 p.m. Faculty affected by the cancellation will be contacted immediately by telephone. We advise our students to contact the PMBA office regarding the status of classes. Class cancellation announcements will also be posted on the PMBA website. Should you have any concerns, please contact the site director for your class location or call 800-MBA-IOWA.

Faculty Discretion

If the faculty member wishes to cancel class for any reason, please contact Colleen Downie. The center will then be notified of this cancellation as well as the enrolled students.

On rare occasions, faculty may have to use their best judgment when to cancel class when severe weather occurs unexpectedly while class is in session.

Make-up Classes

If a class session is canceled, please contact Lisa O. Smith to arrange for a make-up class.


Reserve Materials & Library Resources

The use of reserve texts and other materials can be arranged with the Faculty Services Coordinator. Reserve materials are held at the program sites as follows:

  • Cedar Rapids—Reserve and viewing materials are held in Room 208 of the Cedar Rapids Center
  • Des Moines—Reserve and viewing materials are held by the PMBA coordinators at the John and Mary Pappajohn Education Center
  • Quad Cities—Reserve and viewing materials are held at the Birchwood Learning Center

Distance Education Library Services

The University of Iowa Libraries offers resources and services to all students enrolled in Professional MBA courses through the Tippie College of Business. Detailed information is at www.lib.uiowa.edu/disted.

Access to InfoHawk and Electronic Databases

InfoHawk provides students with access to the online catalog of the UI Libraries and the Law library, as well as other online catalogs. The Pomerantz Business Library provides access to Mergent Online, Business Source Complete, Lexis/Nexis Academic, Factiva, Regional Business News, Web of Science, Standard & Poor's netAdvantage, Market Research.com Academic, Mintel Oxygen, Ibisworld, Business Monitor International, and many others.

Circulation Privileges On-Campus Require Student ID Cards

Professional MBA students can use all libraries located on campus in Iowa City at any time, and they can check out books as long as they have a UI student ID card. Application forms to receive the ID cards can be obtained by contacting the Henry B. Tippie School of Management. Read more about the ID cards.

Reference Services

Any student who needs help finding information for a class project or help with research strategies should contact the following:

Dan Gall
Coordinator of Library Services for Distance Education
877-807-9587 (toll free)

Kimberly Bloedel
Head Librarian
Marvin A. Pomerantz Business Library

The ACE packets will be delivered to, and available at the respective teaching locations (CR, DM, QC)


Arranging for Make-up Exams

If a make-up exam needs to be administered, please contact Lisa O. Smith. Make-up exams will be administered at the appropriate location:

  • Cedar Rapids - Cedar Rapids Center (on evenings and Saturdays on which courses are scheduled).
  • Des Moines - John and Mary Pappajohn Education Center (on evenings and Saturdays on which courses are scheduled).
  • Quad Cities - Birchwood Learning Center (on evenings and Saturdays on which courses are scheduled).

Evaluations—Final and Mid-Semester

Final course evaluations (ACE evaluations) are required of all instructors teaching in the Professional MBA Program. All ACE evaluations are now taken online. In order to receive the best results, it is highly recommended that instructors give their students time to complete the online forms on the last session of their class. Results will be shared with instructors by the appropriate departmental executive officers and are kept on record in the college database. Students receive an automatic email notifying them when the ACE evaluations open.

Per the request of the Dean's Office, mid-semester evaluations will be sent to students prior to the middle of each semester (fall and spring). If you are interested in a mid-semester evaluation for the summer semester, please contact Lisa O. Smith for details. The goal is to provide instructors with immediate feedback from students as to what is working well and what may need to be modified in the course. A modified ACE evaluation form will be used as the instrument. The forms and instructions will be distributed by the School of Management for both core and elective courses via an electronic survey.



  • Direct deposit is the preferred method. The UI Payroll Office no longer distributes checks through the mail. If direct deposit is not set up by the employee, payroll checks will have to be picked up in person at the UI Payroll Office. To set up your direct deposit, go to the UI Employee Self-Service portal using your HawkID and password.
  • Off-load/adjunct PMBA teaching is usually paid in five installments over the course of the spring or fall term (two-three payments over the summer term).
  • The PMBA supplement for on-load faculty for the spring and fall semesters is paid in two installments.
  • If you are receiving payments from the university for your regular (or other) appointment and have requested checks to be direct-deposited, your payment for PMBA teaching will also be direct-deposited.

Reproducing Course Materials/Handouts

You may use the Copy Center in the Pappajohn Business Building (C102 PBB) if you plan to provide photocopied material to your students throughout the semester (such as copies of your PowerPoint presentations). Please use the preassigned account numbers that will be provided by the faculty coordinator (Lisa O. Smith). Be sure to indicate the course number and program site on your copy request. If you use the PBB Copy Center to make photocopies for your course, please submit the Document Services Job Ticket to Lisa O. Smith in W160 PBB in the PMBA Program Office after completion of the job. Please indicate on that form what you had copied (i.e., handouts, quiz, etc.), along with the course number/location.

Course Materials

Prior to the start of each semester, an email will be sent to faculty requesting your needs for Faculty Support. Please submit the forms as soon as possible after receiving the email. It is imperative that textbook and other course requirements are posted to the textbook website a minimum of one month prior to the beginning of class.


Online Photo Directory

The online photo directory provides faculty and currently enrolled PMBA students with access to view student directory information as well as to conduct searches based upon various directory fields.

Please note that the directory includes only those students who have chosen to have their photos taken and information included. Photos of new students are added at the beginning of each semester.

Photo Directory Login: http://apps.biz.uiowa.edu/MBAStudentPortal/PhotoDirectory/Index

If you would like access to this password-protected site, or if you have any questions about the directory, please contact Lisa O. Smith, 319-335-0679 or 800-622-4692.


ICON (Iowa Courses Online) Course Management Tool

Because PMBA students are at remote locations and working during the day, they appreciate the ability to view their course materials via the ICON electronic course management site any time of day. Students are instructed to check their course site in ICON one to two weeks prior to class beginning so they can view their syllabus and any assignments that may due the first night of class. An ICON course site will automatically be created for your use each semester. For assistance with ICON, contact Stead Technology Services Group staff at 319-335-0873 or cba-stsg@uiowa.edu. Students will expect to see course syllabi posted on ICON approximately two weeks prior to the first night of class.


Textbooks & Course Packets

Textbooks required for courses will be maintained in stock at Iowa Book and Supply. Students may also go to other online textbook vendors to purchase their books. A list of required and recommended textbooks and course packets is posted on the PMBA website prior to the start of the semester.

Course and case packets can be requested by using our online form. Instructors may prefer to coordinate their own digital course packets by using online vendors such as Xanedu.com or Study.net.

Students are provided a name tent for use in classes prior to the start of the semester by the PMBA Program.


Returning Student Materials

The PMBA Program staff will gladly return any materials (homework assignments, exams, etc.) to students throughout the semester, or at the end of the semester, upon your request. Please coordinate with Lisa O. Smith.


Site Computer Software Information

The Stead Technology Services Group in the Pappajohn Business Building maintains a list of software available at College of Business sites. Please check it periodically.

Technology Support

If technology support is needed during your class, please contact the site director with any questions or problems.