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How do I apply for admission?
Interested applicants may apply for admission to the MBA-PM Program by submitting their completed application (including personal essay responses), current resume, transcripts, letters of recommendation, and personal essay answers to the appropriate offices for consideration. See Apply for Admission for more information on the application process.

What are the requirements for admission to the MBA-PM Program? How are candidates assessed for admission?
To be considered for admission to the MBA-PM Program, applicants should have a minimum of 18 months of professional work experience, have exhibited leadership skills, and have a strong academic history. Interviews are not required; however, the admissions committee may request an interview to assist in reviewing an applicant's admission. For more specific information, see Apply for Admission. Students may be conditionally admitted and required by the School of Management to demonstrate their ability to do satisfactory graduate work.

What are the characteristics of the average MBA-PM student?
The MBA-PM Program attracts some of the brightest professionals in the area. The average age of an MBA-PM student is 31. Students admitted to the program have an average undergrad GPA of 3.3 and an average GMAT score of 580.

What do I need to do to get started?
Formal applications can be submitted at any time for admission into the program. Or, students may be approved to take up to three courses as a nondegree-seeking student in a PreMBA status by submitting a current resume and a copy of their academic transcript(s). More details can be found about formal admission and PreMBA approval on the Starting Options page.

When should I apply? What are the application deadlines?
Applications are accepted for summer, fall, and spring admission. Current deadlines are listed in the Apply for Admission section of our website.

If it is past the general deadline, is it too late for me to apply?
You can still submit your application. However, we cannot guarantee course availability. You may also consider starting as a PreMBA student.

Can I take courses before being formally admitted to the program?
Applicants may be approved as a PreMBA student to enroll in up to three courses within a 12-month time frame before they are required to formally apply to the program.

Is the MBA-PM Program accredited?
Yes. The Henry B. Tippie School of Management at the University of Iowa has been a member of the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) since 1923. The AACSB is the premier accrediting agency utilizing peer review to maintain the top standards in the delivery of business education.

How will I be notified of the admission decision?
You will be notified via email, mail, and/or phone once an admission decision is made.

How can I receive more information about the MBA-PM Program?
You can request more information by filling out our Information Request Form or by attending an MBA-PM Information Reception.

Does the MBA-PM Program require an undergraduate degree in business? Are certain undergraduate majors favored for admission?
The MBA-PM Program does not require students to have an undergraduate degree in business and no undergrad major is considered preferable to others. The program is appropriate for any professional who wants to develop his/her managerial and leadership skills. Prerequisite courses are not required for students who have not earned a business degree.



I want to begin classes next semester. What should I do if I don't have enough time to complete the formal application process?
You may want to consider beginning as a PreMBA student.

How do I submit my application? What materials are required?
You may apply online by going to Apply for Admission and clicking on "Apply Now." Be sure to read the instructions and download the checklist to ensure your application is complete.

Do I need to send all the application materials in together?
No, you can send in the materials as you complete them. However, an application will not be reviewed until ALL materials are received.

How is the MBA-PM Program different from the Full-time and Executive MBA programs?
The MBA-PM is tailored for employed professionals who want maximum flexibility in location and course sequencing. Customized curriculum enables focus in key areas for career enhancement. Students in all University of Iowa MBA programs receive the same degree/diploma and learn from the same distinguished faculty. For further comparison of MBA programs, see Compare Programs.

Who should my recommendations be from?
Your recommendations should come from someone who is acquainted with the scope and quality of your academic or professional achievements. Your managers, coworkers, and former teachers are excellent sources.

How long should my essays be?
Generally, essays are about half a page. There is no need to be lengthy; a direct, concise statement is equally effective.

How long will it take to receive a decision regarding my application?
Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Once all application materials have been received by the appropriate offices, you can expect to receive a reply by mail.



Are there courses I need to complete before entering the MBA-PM Program?
We build foundation courses into the curriculum so that no prerequisite courses are necessary before students are admitted to the program.

Does the MBA-PM Program accept transfer credits? Can I waive out of a course?
Prior to admission, students may apply up to 9 semester hours of transfer credit provided that the following requirements are met: 1) the course is completed in an MBA program accredited by AACSB, 2) the course was not used to fulfill the requirements of another degree, and 3) the course grade earned is a B or better (3.0 on a 4.0 scale).

If it is not possible to transfer credit into the MBA-PM Program, it may be possible to be granted waivers for certain core courses. An admitted student may be allowed to waive a core course if the student has completed a master's degree or significant undergraduate course work in a given field of study. Academic records will be reviewed upon admission for granting of waivers. Waiver of course work does not reduce credit hours required for the degree. Students must still complete the 45-semester-hour (15-course) program requirement.

What is the MBA-PM Program's approach to learning?
The program utilizes faculty presentations, team projects, and active, in-class discussion to build upon your experience. The program combines academic study with hands-on learning to help students climb to the next level. In an increasingly competitive global market, the program provides the training, tools, vision, and skills to accelerate your career. We utilize individual and team learning to cultivate the diverse experiences and backgrounds of our students and merge them with the development of competencies in general management skills, key functional areas of business, and elective courses tailored to individual career goals.

How long will it take to complete the program?
The MBA-PM Program offers offers working professionals a flexible plan of study. Most students finish in just over three years, but it can be done in as little as 2 1/2 or as many as 10 years.

How many classes/credits can I take in a semester?
MBA-PM students generally take one or two classes (3-6 semester hours) per semester. Students cannot take more than 6 semester hours of graduate credit concurrently each semester unless they have been granted permission by a program advisor.

Can I specialize or choose an area of concentration?
While it is not required, students may choose to concentrate in an area that interests them by completing 12 semester hours of elective credit (4 courses) in a specific discipline within the College of Business. Students can leverage their concentrations toward personal or professional goals, but there is no formal recognition on the diploma or transcript.

What is the time commitment outside of class?
Time commitments vary depending upon the specific course and upon the individual's specific skill sets. As a general rule, students will spend 8-12 hours per week (not including class time) on class-related work for each class.

Where are classes held? When do classes meet?
The MBA-PM Program offers three convenient locations throughout the region. Program facilities are located in Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, and the Quad Cities. Classes are occasionally offered on the main campus in Iowa City as well.

MBA-PM classes meet in the evening and on Saturday to accommodate the working professional. Class times vary depending upon the individual course and instructor. For more specific course times and days, see the Course Schedule.

Does the MBA-PM offer online courses?
While the MBA-PM offers an occasional web course as an elective for the program, University of Iowa MBA-PM students and faculty find great value in learning from each other in a face-to-face and team-oriented environment.



When should I take the GMAT?
The GMAT must be taken prior to an admission decision being made. Keep in mind it takes about two weeks for the score to be submitted to our program.

Is there a minimum GMAT score required for admission?
Applicants are evaluated based on the entire set of application materials including the GMAT. The average GMAT score of students admitted to the MBA-PM is approximately 580.

Can I waive the GMAT?
In certain cases, a GMAT waiver is possible; however, the student must have met the following requirements:

  1. completion of an advanced degree from an accredited U.S. educational institution;
  2. acceptable GRE scores; and
  3. a satisfactory graduate-level grade-point average (3.0 or above).

Where can I get more information on taking the GMAT?
The website,, contains review materials, practice tests, and information about testing sites, in addition to other details. Some students have purchased a GMAT review book in conjunction with the web materials. There are also preparatory classes offered through sources such as Kaplan, although our students do no not often pursue them due to their significant expense ($500-$1,200).



Where can I get information about the GRE?

The website includes review materials, practice tests, and information about testing sites. Some students have purchased a GRE review book in conjunction with the free web materials. There are also preparatory classes offered through sources such as Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions.

How do I register for the GRE?

You may register for the test through the ETS website, or by calling 1-609-771-7670 or 1-866-473-4373. GRE testing centers are located throughout the world. In Iowa, there are five testing centers, three of which are in close proximity to our sites:

Des Moines Area - 5140
Prometric Testing Center
4601 Westown Parkway
Suite 119
West Des Moines, IA 50266

Coralville - 3305
Prometric Testing Center
1303 5th St
Suite 102
Coralville, IA 52241

Bettendorf - 3301
Prometric Testing Center
1035 Lincoln Rd.
Suite 307
Davenport, IA 52722

How do I prepare for the GRE?

We strongly recommend you begin your preparation by exploring You will find an abundance of information about what the test is like, including preparation materials and how to register for the test.

There are a number of national test prep agencies which offer online and classroom GRE prep courses, free practice tests, and fee-based full-length practice materials:

You may prefer studying on your own with self-paced GRE prep books, CD-ROM products, or apps.  Visit the ETS-GRE website to find out how to receive these products.

How do I submit my test results to the MBA-PM Program?

After reviewing your unofficial score at the test center you must request that the testing service send your score report to the University of Iowa MBA for Professionals and Managers Program for your application to be considered complete. The MBA-PM Program receives scores under the University of Iowa institution code 6681.

When you take the GRE, you will be allowed to select the University of Iowa as your score recipient. Do not take to the test center a list of the schools and programs to send your scores as you will not be allowed to take it into the testing room. However, there is an electronic program selection feature on the computer that will allow you to easily search for your institution.

Score reports are available to our program for five years after the test date. To make the results of a previous test available to the MBA-PM Program, visit and request an additional score report. Again, the code for the University of Iowa is 6681.

Is there a minimum GRE score required for admission?

Applications are evaluated on the entire set of materials, including the GRE. Our average GRE score is approximately 153 for both the verbal and quantitative sections, and a wide range of scores are accepted, based on the strength of the complete application. If you take the GRE more than once, the admissions committee will consider your highest score.

Can I waive the GRE?

Applicants may be exempted from the entrance exam if they have earned an advanced terminal degree such as a Ph.D., M.D., or J.D. from an accredited U.S. institution.

Applicants may be exempted if they have met all three of the following:

  1. completed a master's degree from an accredited U.S. educational institution
  2. received an acceptable GRE score (as determined by the MBA-PM admissions committee)
  3. earned a satisfactory graduate-level grade-point average (3.0 out of 4.0 or above)

To apply for an exemption, scan and email your request with unofficial copies of your graduate transcript and GRE score report to


International Students

Can international students apply for the MBA-PM Program?
International students may apply for admission to the MBA-PM Program provided they have met the admission requirements.

What are the admission requirements for students educated outside the United States?
Students who received an undergraduate degree from a college or university outside the United States will be required to submit their official mark sheets (transcripts) and diploma. The originals will be needed for review but will be returned.

Is the TOEFL required?

New—beginning with Summer 2014 PreMBA and Formal Admission.

TOEFL or IELTS scores are required of all international applicants for Pre-MBA and formal MBA admission EXCEPT:

  1. Applicants who were educated solely in English for their undergraduate and/or prior graduate degree. The academic documents must confirm that all degree coursework was completed in English.
  2. Applicants who have requested and completed a successful admissions interview with a representative from the MBA-PM Program. You may request an admissions interview by e-mailing Tammy Bruns, MBA Admissions and Program Specialist, at Ms. Bruns will schedule the interview for you.

Is financial aid available for international students?
Generally, financial aid is not available for non-U.S. citizens; however, there are some loans available to international students from private lenders. More information about financial aid for international students can be obtained from the Information for International Students section of the Office of Student Financial Aid's website.


Financial Matters

How much is tuition for the MBA-PM Program?
For the most current tuition information, see the Tuition and Fees section of our website. Note that textbooks and other course materials are additional and vary by class.

Is financial aid available?
Financial aid is available for those students who qualify. To learn more about student financial aid or to find out if you qualify, see the Financial Aid section of our website.


Career Services/Employment

What career services/employment assistance will be available to me?
MBA-PM students may take advantage of the career resources offered at any point in the program. Learn more about these resources.