Prospective Students

Starting Options

There are two ways to enter the Professional MBA Program, and four start times each year.

Start Times

  • January (Spring semester)
  • May (first summer session)
  • July (second summer session)
  • August (Fall semester)

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Timeline: potential start times - January, May, July, August.

Formal Admission

If an MBA from the University of Iowa is your goal, and you have time to complete the GMAT* prior to the application deadline, apply for formal admission to secure the benefits enjoyed by admitted students:

  • Advance priority registration
  • More financial aid availability
  • Greater enrollment flexibility

PreMBA Status

This is a simple way to "try out" the Professional MBA Program, or to get a quick start if you haven't yet taken the MBA entrance exam. It allows you to:

  • Enroll in the same classes as admitted students
  • Earn graduate credit that counts toward your degree upon admission
  • Benefit from the same faculty, staff, and level of support as admitted students

You can take up to 3 courses in PreMBA status; to continue after that point, you must complete the formal admission process.