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Program Brochure

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Tuition and Payment

Tuition for the Professional MBA courses is $665 per semester hour or $1,995 per course. Tuition is reviewed annually and is subject to change.

Billing and Payment Options

The University Billing Office manages billing and payment questions. Contact the office at 800-943-4557. Many answers are also available on the University Billing Office Common Questions webpage.

The University Billing Office sends university bills (U-bills) approximately June 1 for summer session, August 1 for fall semester, December 1 for winter term, and January 1 for spring semester. To pay this bill, students may choose one of the following payment options.

  1. Pay the "Balance in Full" with initial bill, due approximately the 22nd of the month (see U-bill for exact due date).
  2. Deferred Payment Plan
    • Pay one-third of tuition and fees over three months (fall and spring semesters) or one-half of tuition and fees over two months (summer session). Approximate due dates are:

      Fall: August 22, September 22, October 22
      Spring: January 22, February 22, March 22
      Summer: June 22, July 22
    • A $20 deferred payment fee per semester ($15 for summer session) is added to the U-bill.
    • If you make only the minimum periodic payment, you are automatically enrolled in this plan and will be assessed the deferred payment fee on the last billing statement.
    • If you do not make at least the minimum periodic payment by the stated due date, a fee of $25 will be assessed each month.
  3. Employer Deferment
  • If you receive tuition reimbursement from your employer, you can request to have the payment of your tuition deferred until the next U-bill cycle. Approximate due dates:

    Deferral Beginning in Form Due Payment Due
    Fall (including Intersession) August 1 January 22
    Winter December 1 February 22
    Spring (including Intersession) January 1 June 22
    Summer June 1 September 22

  • To qualify, you and your employer must complete the
    Employer Reimbursement Deferred Payment Agreement form found on the University Billing Office payment options webpage under the Employer Deferment section. Both you and your employer must complete it. Return it to the University Billing Office.
    • The deferred payment form is valid for an academic year (ex., June 2009-May 2010).
    • The employer portion of the form is to ensure that there is a tuition reimbursement policy at the company, and this form does not change the company policy. The form clearly states that the student, not the employer, is always liable for the tuition; companies will not be billed.
  • A $35 fee will be added to your U-bill each semester you participate in this plan.
  • You will receive your semester's U-bill as usual prior to the beginning of the semester, but payment of tuition charges will be due per the table above.
  • Only tuition charges are eligible for deferred payment. Other charges of fees, such as International Program fees, course material fees, etc., are not deferrable, and will be due as usual.
  • Deferment forms should be received and processed prior to the first bill of the semester as listed above. However, to accommodate those who might be registered after the first billing cycle, the absolute deadline will be extended to the due date of the first U-bill you receive in a semester. Please note: If the deferment form is not received by the due date, a reinstatement fee of $25 could be assessed to your account and would be due in addition to the employer deferment fee of $35.

Payment Methods

  1. Automated automatic checking/savings account deduction—Log into MyUI ( After reviewing your U-bill online, click the "Pay U-bill" button and provide your bank information as instructed. You may select the one-time payment option or the recurring payment option. Choosing "ACH Deduct" will deduct the funds from your bank account. The "Payroll Deduct" option is for University of Iowa or UIHC employees only. The full balance due or the minimum balance due can be deducted through this program.
  2. By mail—Payments may be mailed to the processing center. Personal checks, cashiers checks, and money orders are accepted. Mail to University of Iowa, Payment Processing Center, PO Box 222, Des Moines, IA 50940. Please allow a minimum of five business days for payment processing.
  3. In person—University of Iowa Community Credit Union IMU Branch. Hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. A dropbox for after-hours payment is located outside of Room 3 in Jessup Hall.

Note: The university does not accept payment by credit cards. (Credit card companies would charge the university a fee of approximately 2% of the amount paid by credit card. This fee cannot be passed on to the consumer, thereby reducing net tuition and fees available to cover operating costs. This would lead to tuition/fee increases simply to cover the cost related to the credit card fee.)

For additional billing and payment details, go to the University Billing Payment Options webpage.

Obtaining a Receipt for Employer Reimbursement

You may email the University Billing Office to receive a statement regarding your payments. Please specify the semester for which you are seeking reimbursement as well as any specific instructions your employer requests. The University Billing Office will provide you a statement on University of Iowa letterhead indicating the tuition and fees that have been assessed and paid during the requested period. This statement will be mailed to your current residing address.