About Our Program


With all the MBA rankings available, it's hard to make sense of them all. Some value the cost and return on investment, some value the opinions of our peers. As you wade through the sea of rankings, it's important to notice that the Tippie College of Business consistently appears in these rankings.

And in the end, while others promise this and that, don't you want a program with integrity that spends its resources on improving and perfecting our offerings rather than spinning our wheels to please the latest ranking? It's about doing the right thing, and at the Tippie College we do just that.

U.S. News & World Report

Full-time MBA Program: #21 Public, #43 U.S. (2016)
Undergraduate Program: #22 Public, #34 U.S. (2016)
Professional MBA Program: #24 U.S. (2016)


Full-time MBA Program: #6 Fastest Payback, #26 U.S. (2015)

Financial Times

Value for the Money: #1 U.S. (2015)
Percent Salary Increase: #1 U.S., #8 World (2015)
Best in Finance: #2 World (2015)
Placement Success: #22 U.S., #35 World (2015)
Full-time MBA Program: #31 U.S. (2015)

Bloomberg Businessweek

Professional MBA Program: #32 Public (2014)
Undergraduate Program: Top 50 Public (2014)

The Princeton Review

Entrepreneurship Program: #21 U.S. (2014)

Poets & Quants

Best Campus Environment: #4 (2013)
Full-time MBA Program: #49 (2014)
Undergraduate Program: #49 (2014)