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Pappajohn Gift to UI Will Benefit Entrepreneurs - Iowa City Press Citizen, Dec 2


Pappajohn's $4 Million Aims for New Businesses - Des Moines Register, Nov 30
UI Market Turns from Politics to Flu - Gannett News Service, Nov 29
Alumna Manages Soup Kitchen Volunteers - Summit Daily News; Summit, Colorado, Nov 23
IEM Showed Bush Lead - Reason Online, Nov 15
Ohlmann Wins Dantzig Dissertation Award - UI News Services, Nov 15
Rietz Comments on IEM Accuracy - USA Today, Nov 14
Berg Comments on IEM Presidential Market Success - Science Magazine, Nov 12
U of I Program Reaches Out To Entrepreneurship Teachers - Des Moines Business Record, Nov 8
IEM Election Day Trading Noted - St. Paul Pioneer Press, Nov 6
IEM Predicted Bush Victory - BBC, Nov 5
Berg Explains IEM Trading - National Public Radio, Nov 5
Trading Volume Is High in IEM - Pittsburg Post-Gazette, Nov 3
Rietz Touts Accuracy of IEM - Slate, Nov 3
Stocks Retreat on Election Talk - New York Times, Nov 3
IEM Noted As Legal Market - The Age, Nov 2
IEM Trading Tightens Up - Pittsburg Post-Gazette, Nov 2
IEM Projections Listed - BusinessWeek, Nov 2
IEM Prices Noted on Election Day - Reuters, Nov 2
IEM Futures Market Explained - Canadian Broadcasting Company, Nov 1
Nelson Explains IEM Trading - United Press International, Nov 1


IEM Shows Election 'Agonizingly Close' - Capitol Hill Blue, Oct 31
IEM Still Has Bush Out Front - Chicago Tribune, Oct 31
IEM Seeks To Predict Election Outcomes - Boston Globe, Oct 31
IEM Noted As Established Exchange - The Economist, Oct 30
IEM Allows Investors To 'Bet' on President - Los Angeles Times, Oct 29
Berg: IEM Shows Election a 'Tossup' - Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Oct 29
IEM Allows Investors To 'Bet' on President - Chicago Tribune, Oct 29
Berg: IEM Shows Election a Toss-Up - Minneapolis Star Tribune, Oct 29
Trader Comments on IEM Experiences - Marketplace, Oct 28
Bush Leads Tight IEM Race - Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Oct 28
Rietz Explains IEM, Updates Prices - MSNBC, Oct 27
Rietz Comments on IEM - Journal News, Oct 27
Reitz: Election a Toss-up - Wired News, Oct 26
Rietz Comments on IEM -, Oct 26
UI Student Bets on Bush in IEM - Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Oct 26
IEM, Online Markets Bet on Sports, Politics - Concord Monitor, Oct 26
IEM, Polls May Overestimate Bush Support - The Times of London, Oct 26
IEM's Presidential Futures Market Predicts Bush Win - Newsday, Oct 25
Mass Intelligence -, Oct 22
Bush Leading in IEM - CBS Marketwatch, Oct 22
IEM Origin Explained - Chicago Sun-Times, Oct 22
IEM Noted in Derivative Market Article - Wall Street Journal, Oct 22
Rietz Notes IEM Accuracy -, Oct 22
Berg Comments on IEM Accuracy - National Post, Oct 21
Berg Comments on IEM Accuracy - Reuters, Oct 21
IEM Uses Markets To Predict Election - New Zealand Business Review, Oct 19
Lewis-Beck, IEM Cited in Election Story - Barron's, Oct 18
IEM Finds Competition in For-Profit Wagering Systems - Bloomberg, Oct 18
Forsythe Explains IEM - Fox News, Oct 18
Presidential Futures: Pools of Ignorance - Business Week Online, Oct 18
Limbaugh Notes Kerry IEM Futures - Rush Limbaugh Show, Oct 15
Political Markets Put Bush in Lead - San Jose Mercury News, Oct 15
Bush's Online-Futures Lead Narrows After Debate - Bloomberg, Oct 14
Berg Comments on IEM Trader Blip - Chicago Tribune, Oct 13
Berg Compares Polls, IEM - KOBTV, Oct 13
IEM Congressional Markets Noted - Business Week Online, Oct 13
Faith and Values: The Cost of Doing Business - The Gazette, Oct 11
Neumann Comments on IEM Election Reading - CNNFN, Oct 11
Nelson Quoted about IEM - Wall Street Journal, Oct 10
Speculators Still Bullish on Bush - New York Times, Oct 10
IEM Accuracy Noted - National Review Online, Oct 8
Berg Comments on IEM Accuracy - CNBC, Oct 6
Reitz: Bush Following Gore IEM Pattern from 2000 - Bloomberg News, Oct 5
IEM Success Due to Collective Intelligence - Sydney Morning Herald, Oct 4
IEM Is Oldest Election Futures Market - Washington Times, Oct 4
IEM Favors Bush - Las Vegas Review Journal, Oct 3
Bush's Futures-Market Lead Similar to Gore's In 2000 - Bloomberg, Oct 1
Interest in IEM Increasing - Wall Street Journal, Oct 1
Bush Lead Slips in IEM - CBS, Oct 1


IEM Trading Heavy - Reuters, Sep 30
Berg: IEM Traders Confident of Bush Win - Chicago Tribune, Sep 30
Laboratory Provides Place for U of I Students to Create - Des Moines Register, Sep 29
Leaders Honored for Iowa Service - The Gazette , Sep 25
Forsythe Comments on Bush IEM Lead - New York Post, Sep 23
IEM Shows Bush Taking Lead - Tech Central Station, Sep 23
Bush Widens Lead in IEM - Bloomberg, Sep 23
IEM Noted As Election Futures Market - Wall Street Journal, Sep 20
College Students Control Own Destiny By Playing the Boss - Chicago Daily Herald , Sep 20
Berg, IEM Predict Close Presidential Race - Financial Times, Sep 18
Neumann Says IEM Is More Accurate Than Polls - Bloomberg TV, Sep 17
Decision Base Introduces Executive MBA. Students to All Elements of Business - Des Moines Business Record, Sep 13
Sagario: Get MBA for Right Reasons, Experts Advise - Des Moines Register, Sep 13
Rietz Says Bush IEM Futures, S&P 500 Connected - Barrons, Sep 13
Nelson Comments On Political Market Accuracy -, Sep 10


Rietz Quoted In Story On Bush IEM Rise - CBS Market Watch, Aug 31
Bush Leading in IEM - Investor's Business Daily, Aug 31
IEM's 'Superior Performance' Cited - U.S. News & World Report, Aug 30
IEM Predicting Bush Win - CNBC, Aug 27
IEM Predicts Presidential Outcomes - National Public Radio, Aug 26
Professors Study Search Engine Satisfaction - Wall Street Journal, Aug 24
Pomerantz: Education Is Not a Partisan Issue - Des Moines Register, Aug 22
IEM Tracking Of Presidential Race Cited - Chicago Tribune, Aug 22
IEM Gives Bush Narrow Lead over Kerry -, Aug 20
IEM Tracks Google's Initial Public Offering - CNN Industry Watch, Aug 18
IEM Predicts Google IPO - Bloomberg, Aug 17
UI Election Futures Market Closely Watched - CNN Money, Aug 17
Rietz Comments on Accuracy of IEM - USA Today, Aug 17
Reporter Backs Kerry But Bets on Bush in IEM - Salon, Aug 16
Ingram Comments on Economy - Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Aug 15
IEM Offers Google IPO Market - San Francisco Chronicle, Aug 12
IEM Data Used To Analyze Upcoming Election - Wall Street Journal, Aug 11
IEM Shows Bush Leading - Bloomberg, Aug 9
Berg Comments on IEM Track Record - New York Times, Aug 8
Rietz Quoted on IEM - New York Times, Aug 8
IEM Data Used To Predict Equities Market - The Australian, Aug 7
UI MBA Program in China Noted - Arizona Republic, Aug 3


Kerry, Bush Even in IEM - Bloomberg News, Jul 30
Berg Cites IEM Accuracy - Dow Jones Newswire, Jul 30
IEM's Accuracy in Presidential Races Cited - Science Now, Jul 27
Rietz, Lewis-Beck Discuss Election - Washington Post, Jul 26
IEM "Winner-Takes-All" Market Noted - MSNBC, Jul 23
Forsythe Comments on IEM Stability - St. Petersburg Times, Jul 21
Sulentic Coordinates Replica Uniform Sales - Des Moines Register, Jul 14
IEM Shows Bush, Kerry Even - Wired News, Jul 13
IEM Noted As Predictive Market - Time, Jul 12
IEM Selling Google IPO Futures - WebProNews, Jul 8
Bush, Kerry Are Even in IEM - Reuters, Jul 7
IEM Offers Google IPO Market - San Jose Mercury News, Jul 5
UI Decision Market Study Cited - Bloomberg, Jul 2
IEM Launches Google IPO market - Wall Street Journal, Jul 2


Reporter Tries Iowa Electronic Markets - Salon, Jun 29
IEM Noted As Prediction Market - New Republic, Jun 28
Bush Prospects Tracked by IEM - Business Week, Jun 28
IEM's Prediction Accuracy Noted - Wired News, Jun 15
Bush Ahead in IEM - Sunday Times of London, Jun 13
Rynes Leads Outsourcing Discussion - Washington Post, Jun 13
Bush Led Kerry in IEM - Bloomberg News, Jun 11
UI Political Markets Cited - Globe & Mail, Jun 8
Brown Comments On Business Owner Changes - Detroit News, Jun 7
UI Political Markets Highly Accurate - Bloomberg, Jun 7
IEM Shows Efficiency of Markets - CBS MarketWatch, Jun 4
IEM More Accurate Than Polls - Tech Central Station, Jun 3
IEM Predicts Election Outcomes - Union Leader, Jun 2
IEM Pioneered Elections Futures Markets - Newark Star-Ledger, Jun 1
IEM Predicts Election Outcomes - Naples Daily News, Jun 1
IEM Pioneered Markets' Use for Political Races - Newhouse News Service, Jun 1


IEM Noted As First Prediction Market - San Jose Mercury News, May 30
Forsythe Comments on IEM Predictions - Hemispheres Magazine, May 25
Kerry Prospects Rise in IEM - Chicago Tribune, May 25
Alumna Honored for Teaching - Northwest Indiana Times, May 18
Alumnus Named Hospital CEO - Indianapolis Star, May 13
Finance Grad Lands Job at LaSalle Bank - Daily Iowan, May 12
Tiwari Comments on Open Outcry Trading - Financial Times, May 11
Handa/Tiwari Study on the Value of the Trading Floor Cited - Financial Times, May 11
Williamson Comments on e-Textbooks - Chronicle, May 7


Schmidt Discusses Intelligence - Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, Apr 20
Solow: Ruling Would Invite Suits - Rolling Stone, Apr 20
Spreen Discusses MBA Admissions Policies - BusinessWeek, Apr 15
UI Rankings Cited in Opinion Piece - New York Times, Apr 12
IEM Cited on Presidential Race Predictions - Miami Herald, Apr 11
IEM Cited on Presidential Race Predictions - St. Paul Pioneer Press, Apr 11
IEM Noted in Prediction Markets Story - Financial Times, Apr 10
Tiwari Comments on Mutual Fund Trading - Wall Street Journal, Apr 9
Tiwari Study on Mutual Funds Noted -, Apr 5
Workplace Myths Examined - Montreal Gazette, Apr 5
Rynes Studies Workplace Myths - Washington Post, Apr 4
Schmidt Discusses Emotional Intelligence - Chicago Tribune, Apr 2
Business College Curriculum Emphasizes Ethical Issues - fyi, Apr 2


Whiteman Comments on Unemployment Data - Iowa City Press Citizen, Mar 26
Schmidt Comments on Emotional Intelligence - Baltimore Sun, Mar 22
Schmidt Comments on Emotional Intelligence - Arizona Republic, Mar 18
Schmidt Quoted on Intelligence Tests - Los Angeles Times, Mar 15
Tiwari Assesses Impact of Stewart Trial - Des Moines Register, Mar 6
Tracking Stock Study Cited - Financial Times, Mar 3
Disputed Ruling by Moeller Cited in Negotiations - Miami Herald, Mar 2


Business Student Doubles As Boxing Champion - Iowa City Press-Citizen, Feb 21
Cole: Retirees Make Good Workers - Arizona Business Gazette, Feb 9
Whiteman Serves on State Economic Council - Cedar Rapids Gazette, Feb 7
Neumann Comments on Minimum Wage - Cedar Rapids Gazette, Feb 7
UI's Flu Futures May Pay Off - Cedar Rapids Gazette, Feb 6
IEM Cited - CNN Money, Feb 5
Allied Insurance Donates $1.5 Million to UI - Omaha World-Herald, Feb 4
Garfinkel Insider Trading Study Noted - Wall Street Journal, Feb 4
Cole Says Retirees Make Wonderful Workers - Courier & Post, Feb 2


UI's Whiteman Plays Key Role in State's Revenue Forecast - Cedar Rapids Gazette, Jan 31
Kerry Leads IEM - Economist, Jan 24
Edwards Moves into Second Place On IEM - CBS Marketwatch, Jan 22
Kerry Surges in IEM - Myrtle Beach Sun News, Jan 21
IEM Shows Dean Leading - New York Times, Jan 18
Forsythe Gives Pre-Caucus Update on the IEM - NPR, Jan 15
Quote from Neumann CNN Appearance - CNN's Crossfire, Jan 14
Forsythe Explains IEM - KCRG-TV, Jan 14
Neumann Discusses IEM on 'Crossfire' - CNN, Jan 14
Dean's IEM Price Noted - CNBC, Jan 6