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Lie Research Cited In Column on Scandal - Salt Lake Tribune, Dec 30
Lie Research Cited in Column On Backdating Scandal - Allentown Call, Dec 29
Backdating Scandal Hits Apple, Jobs - KCBS-TV, Dec 29
Tippie Has Iowa-Texas Connection - San Antonio Express News, Dec 28
UI Researcher Discovered Backdating Scandal - Forbes, Dec 28
Board Members May Have Backdated - Fort Wayne News-Sentinel, Dec 25
Lie Study Has Legs - Bergen Record, Dec 24
Shareholders In Backdating Companies Lost Money - The Oregonian, Dec 21
Corporate Boards Study Noted - Monterey Herald, Dec 19
Lie Says Backdating Scandal Has No Clear Villain - Macleans, Dec 18
Lie's Research Leads To Corporate Boards Study - Los Angeles Times, Dec 18
MBA Alumnus Named To Congressional Staff - Moline Dispatch, Dec 13
Erik Lie: Execs May Have Manipulated Dates To Cheat On Taxes - AP, Dec 13
Lie Stock Option Research Noted - Wall Street Journal, Dec 12
Stock Options Scandal Could Continue - Business Week, Dec 12
Lie: General Counsels Will Lose Jobs Over Backdating - Law,, Dec 7
Lie Comments on Pediatrix Backdating - Sun Sentinel, Dec 7
Erik Lie Says Current Scandal Just Tip Of Iceberg - Dallas News, Dec 4
Erik Lie's Research Has Rocked Corporate America - Chicago Tribune, Dec 3
Lie's Stock Option Study Cited - CNN, Dec 3


Lie Comments on Backdating Probe - Business Week, Nov 27
Lie, Not SOX, Discovered Backdating - Columbia Daily Herald, Nov 19
Rego Comments On Poor Customer Service - WQAD-TV, Nov 19
Political Junkies Trade In E-Markets - Northwest Florida Daily News, Nov 17
New Option Timing Study Conducted - Los Angeles Times, Nov 17
New Research Done On Stock Option Backdating - Washington Post, Nov 17
Options Backdating Research Compared - New York Times, Nov 17
Lie Initiated Stock Option Research - The Guardian, Nov 14
UI Foundation Features BELL Entrepreneurs -, Nov 14
Lie's Paper Exposed Stock Options Backdating - Fortune, Nov 14
Research At UI Studied Ad Placement - USNews & World Report, Nov 12
Lie Study Uncovered Options Backdating - Jerusalem Post, Nov 9
Traders Watch IEM Before Elections - Pittsburg Post Gazette, Nov 9
Some Use IEM To Bet On Elections - Wall Street Journal, Nov 9
IEM: Democrats Take House, Republicans Senate - IEM: Democrats Take House, Republicans Senate, Nov 7
IEM Helps Gauge Public Opinion - The Tennessean, Nov 7
IEM Indicated Split Congress - Wall Street Journal, Nov 7
Lie Study Cited - Morningstar, Nov 7
IEM Trading Analyzed - Wall Street Journal, Nov 7
UI Market Demonstrates 'Wisdom of Crowds' - Spokesman Review, Nov 6
IEM Noted As Prediction Market - Newsweek, Nov 6
UI Electronic Markets Beat The Pundits - ABC News, Nov 5
Iowa Electronic Markets Predict Gridlock - Dallas News, Nov 4
Iowa Electronic Markets Predict Democratic Win - New York Sun, Nov 2
Iowa Electronic Markets Predict Democratic Win -, Nov 1
IEM Cited In Election Story - The Standard, Nov 1


Lie Studied Options Backdating - San Jose Mercury News, Oct 31
Lie Options Backdating Study Noted - San Francisco Chronicle, Oct 31
IEM Has Poll-Beating Reputation - Rocky Mount Telegram, Oct 31
Lie's Stock-Option Research Hits Canada, Too - Toronto Star, Oct 28
IEM Puts Democrats Ahead In House Races - Wall Street Journal, Oct 26
Nelson: Markets More Accurate Than Polls - NewsMax, Oct 24
IEM Teaches Market Mechanics - Motley Fool, Oct 24
CEO Explains Choice Of UI Degree - Business Ledger, Oct 24
26 Fired In Scandal Uncovered By Lie - Crain's New York Business, Oct 22
Lie Surprised By Comverse Legal Jeopardy - Newsday, Oct 22
Columnist Recommends Lie Study On Stock Options -, Oct 21
Schneider Book: U.S. Healthcare Not Underperforming -, Oct 19
Lie: 14 Percent Of Stock Options Backdated - Financial Times, Oct 18
Backdating Scandal Growing - Financial Times, Oct 18
Lie Uncovered Stock Options Backdaters - Minneapolis Star Tribune, Oct 16
Options Rules Discussed - CNN Money, Oct 16
Lie Uncovered Backdating Scandal - Minneapolis Star Tribune, Oct 16
Lie Research Applied To Canadian Companies - Canadian Business, Oct 13
CNET Execs Claimed By Backdating Scandal -, Oct 12
Berg Comments On Latest IEM Data -, Oct 12
CNET Execs Claimed By Backdating Scandal -, Oct 12
Lie Research Leads To Dismissals - Tech News World, Oct 11
GOP Takes Hit On IEM - CNN, Oct 11
Lie Advice: Admit To Backdating Before You're Caught - CNN, Oct 11
Futures Markets Predicted Election Outcomes - Pittsburg Tribune-Review, Oct 10
Political Markets Show Futures' Predictive Role - Wall Street Journal, Oct 9
Internet Gambling Law Could Thwart UI Research - New York Times, Oct 9
Lie Sniffed Out Options Scandal - Star-Tribune, Oct 8
Berg: IEM More Accurate Than Polls - Boston Herald, Oct 5
Wang Co-Authored Advertising Study - U.S.News and World Report, Oct 5
Lie Research Cited in Apple CFO Resignation - The Register, Oct 4
IEM Noted As Election Market - CNN Money, Oct 2
Iowa Futures Market Examined by Wall Street - Wall Street Journal, Oct 2
Lie Comments on SafeNet Scandal - Baltimore Sun, Oct 1


UI Researcher Studies Businesses That Create Their Own Competition - Council Bluffs Daily Nonpareil, Sep 29
IEM Seen As Election Indicator - CNN, Sep 28
Lie Study Tipped off Stock Options Probe - Financial Director, Sep 28
University of Iowa Dean Seeking Opinions - Council Bluffs Daily Nonpareil, Sep 28
Lie Uncovered Backdating Scandal - Hartford Courant, Sep 28
Lie Study Required Reading - Financial Director, Sep 28
IEM Tracks Congressional Control - Wall Street Journal, Sep 27
Lie Uncovered Backdating Scandal - New York Times, Sep 21
IEM Results 'Eerily Close' To Outcome - Investor's Business Daily, Sep 20
Lie 'Getting Tired' of Backdating Scandal - Financial Times, Sep 11
Lie Testifies To Senate About Backdating - The Standard, Sep 8
SEC Chair Cox Lauds Lie In Senate Testimony - Wall Street Journal, Sep 7
Lie Testifies To Senate About Backdating - Los Angeles Times, Sep 7
Lie To Testify Before Senate Committee - New York Times, Sep 6
Lie Stock Option Research Led To Investigations - Bradenton Herald, Sep 5
UI MBA Graduates' Salary Increases Noted - South China Morning Post, Sep 4


Lie Research Led To 'Next Enron' - Austin American-Statesman, Aug 31
IEM Rates GOP Chances Of Holding House, Senate - Wall Street Journal, Aug 30
Editorial: Lie Research Led To Next Enron - Ft. Wayne News Sentinel, Aug 29
UI Alumna Is Rare Boy Scout Leader - Greater Milwaukee Today, Aug 27
Lie: Not All Backdating Can Be Prosecuted - Hartford Courant, Aug 24
UI Alumna Designed Reading Glasses - Minneapolis Star Tribune, Aug 24
Prosecutors Prioritize Stock Options Cases - CBS News, Aug 22
Lie Sees 'Tip Of Iceberg' In Stock-Option Backdating - The Lawyer, Aug 21
Tippie MBA Students Learn Etiquette - CNN International, Aug 17
Lie: Executives Cherry-Picked Stock Buy Dates - The Independent, Aug 15
Lie Expects Scandal To Be Widespread - CNN Money, Aug 11
Lie: Expect More Lawsuits in Backdating Scandal - USA Today, Aug 10
Lie Study Shows Rampant Backdating - Miami Herald, Aug 6
Johnson Files Opinion in Grasso Case - New York Times, Aug 4
Stock Options Probe Widens - Financial Times, Aug 4
Lie's Research Cited - Chronicle, Aug 4
Lie Study Shows More Than 2,200 Companies Backdated - Bloomberg, Aug 3
Options Scandal Ensnares More Companies - Bloomberg, Aug 3


UI Professor Describes Backdating As Widespread - Seattle Times, Jul 31
Fitzgerald Comments on Internships - Asbury Park Press, Jul 31
Entrepreneur Camp Alumnus Returns to Volunteer - New York Times, Jul 30
Lie: Scandal, Not Rules, To End Backdating - San Francisco Chronicle, Jul 27
Lie Comments on New SEC Rules - U.S. News & World Report, Jul 26
Lie: Statistically Improbable Option Grants Not Backdated - CNet, Jul 26
Sa-Aadu Calls for Development Of Bond Market - Gye Nyame Concord, Jul 25
Lie Study Revealed Back-dating Scandal - Forbes, Jul 25
Lie: Backdating Findings 'Pretty Scary' - Wilmington Morning Star, Jul 24
Backdating More Prevalent among Small Companies - Business Times, Jul 23
UI Professor Discovered Backdating - San Francisco Chronicle, Jul 22
Lie Comments on Stock Option Probe - San Jose Mercury News, Jul 21
Stock Options Fraud Alleged - Washington Post, Jul 21
Charges Filed in Stock Options Backdating Case - Los Angeles Times, Jul 21
Company Executives Charged with Fraud - USA Today, Jul 21
More Companies Implicated in Options Scandal - Financial Times, Jul 21
UI Researcher Kicked Off Backdating Scandal - San Jose Mercury News, Jul 20
Lie Study Kicked Off Backdating Scandal - Bradenton Herald, Jul 20
Canadian Stock Options Face Scrutiny - Toronto Star, Jul 19
Washington University Hires Economists - St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Jul 19
Lie Study Fueled Stock Option Probes - Christian Science Monitor, Jul 19
Lie Comments on "Spring-Loading" - International Herald Tribune, Jul 19
Lie: Spring-loading Differs from Backdating - Bloomberg, Jul 18
Lie Study Leading to SEC Charges -, Jul 18
Federal Backdating Charges Coming - San Jose Mercury News, Jul 18
Columnist Cites Lie Study - New York Sun, Jul 18
Twin Cities Companies Cited for Backdating - St. Paul Pioneer Press, Jul 18
Lie: Backdating Disclosures May Be Tip of Iceberg - The State, Jul 18
New Stock Option Study Involves 2,000 Companies - Yahoo!News, Jul 18
Lie Releases New Stock Option Study - Evening Standard, Jul 18
Business Owner Credits Her Success to FastTrac Course - Corridor Business Journal, Jul 17
Ford Appointed as IC Economic Development Coordinator - Corridor Business Journal, Jul 17
Lie: Backdating More Prevalent Than Thought - Financial Times, Jul 17
Lie Comments on Extent of Backdating - Wall Street Journal, Jul 17
Prosecutors Plan To File First Backdating Charges - Bloomberg, Jul 17
Lie: Backdating Disclosures May Be Tip of Iceberg - New York Times, Jul 17
Lie Confident in Backdating Claims - Chicago Tribune, Jul 16
Lie Paper Shows More Firms Backdated Options - Wall Street Journal, Jul 15
Lie Surprised by Backdating Re-Statement - Orange County Register, Jul 15
Stock Option Task Force Formed - Los Angeles Times, Jul 14
Stock Option Investigation Announced - Santa Rosa Press Democrat, Jul 14
Lie Study Found Stock Options Backdating - New York Times, Jul 14
Fitzgerald Comments On Internships - Ithaca Journal, Jul 14
Lie Gets His 15 Minutes of Fame - Telegraph, Jul 14
Computer-Savvy Business Takes Root - Corridor Business Journal, Jul 13
Fitzgerald: Consider Internships 'Audition' For Job - Courier Post, Jul 12
Lie Expects To Uncover More 'Backdating' - CNNMoney, Jul 12
Lie's 2005 Research Paper Examined Backdating - Los Angeles Times, Jul 9
Lie: Backdating Acceptable If Disclosed Up Front - Newark Star-Ledger, Jul 8
Lie's Research Partner Discusses Backdating Issue - Washington Times, Jul 4
UI Professor Backdating Findings Spur Investigations - MSN Money, Jul 4


Lie Research Leads To Investigations - Washington Post, Jun 30
Lie: Backdating Sometimes Difficult To Detect - Worcester Telegram, Jun 25
Corridor Student Entrepreneurs Face Many Challenges - Cedar Rapids Gazette, Jun 25
Lie Responds To Comments On Blog - San Jose Mercury News, Jun 24
Columnist Questions Import Of Backdating - Wall Street Journal, Jun 21
SEC Expands Inquiry Into Backdating Scandal - Los Angeles Times, Jun 20
Lie: More Backdating Revelations May Come - USNews & World Report, Jun 19
Lie Research Led to SEC Investigations - Centre Daily Times, Jun 18
Lie Was Suspicious of Stock Option Timing - Santa Cruz Sentinel, Jun 18
Lie: Sarbanes Oxley Having An Impact - San Jose Mercury News, Jun 15
Lie Research Led To SEC Investigations - Newsday, Jun 14
Lie Uncovered Backdating Scandal - The Register, Jun 13
Lie's Discovery Of Backdating Noted - The Street, Jun 12
10 Percent Of Pre-2002 Options May Be Backdated - Baltimore Sun, Jun 11
Lie Backdating Study Cited - The Tennessean, Jun 9
Decker Discusses MBA Career Services - BusinessWeek, Jun 8
Lie: 10 Percent Of Pre-Rule Stock Options Backdated - Chicago Tribune, Jun 7
Lie Discovery of Backdating By Companies Noted - Times Online, Jun 5
Brown Comments On Laptops - Chronicle of Higher Education, Jun 2
Lie: 10 Percent Of Options Backdated - Financial Times, Jun 1
IEM Noted As Oldest, Best-Known - Kiplinger's Personal Finance, Jun 1


Lie Study Puts Him In Limelight - Wall Street Journal, May 31
Lie Study Proves Stock Option Backdating - Fortune, May 30
Columnist Writes About Lie Backdating Study - Baltimore Sun, May 28
Study of Stock Options Prompts Investigation - Des Moines Register, May 25
Lie Assisted In Backdating Analysis - Bloomberg, May 25
Lie Study Sparked Stock Options Investigation - CNN Money, May 25
Lie Backdating Discovery Prompts Investigations - BusinessWeek, May 23
Lie Research Leads To SEC Scrutiny - Financial Times, May 23
Lie Discovered Options Backdating Pattern - National Public Radio, May 23
Lie Assists In Analysis - Pittsburgh Post Gazette, May 22
Lie Assists In Analysis - Wall Street Journal, May 22
Lie Explains Stock Options - Wall Street Journal, May 19
UI Student Appears on MTV's Tiara Girls - Des Moines Register, May 17
Lie Comments on Possible Stock Manipulation - St. Louis Post-Dispatch, May 14
Murry Comments on Maytag Brand - Des Moines Register, May 11
Okoboji Institute Will Test Development Strategy - Sioux City Journal, May 4
Former UI Professor's Marketing Study Noted - Business 2.0, May 4
Okoboji To Be Site of "Economic Gardening" for Students - Radio Iowa, May 4


Polgreen Study: Immigrants Have Better Skills - Free Market News, Apr 18
"We Were the Lucky Ones" - Wall Street Journal, Apr 16
UI Hosts Entrepreneur Camp For Kids - Business Week Online, Apr 12
Schmidt, Rynes Eye Corporate Social Duties - Asbury Park Press, Apr 3


Business School Picks Forsythe As Dean - Tampa Tribune, Mar 31
IEM Co-Founder Forsythe Named Dean - St. Petersburg Times, Mar 31
Forsythe Named USF Business Dean - Tampa Bay Business Journal, Mar 30
Schmidt, Rynes Studied Corporate Social Responsibility - USA Today, Mar 26
Russi, Collins Comment on iPods - The Daily Advertiser, Mar 23
Russi, Collins Comment on iPods - Detroit Free Press, Mar 23
Lie Study Helps Prompt Stock Option Probe - Wall Street Journal, Mar 18
Hunter to Replace Fethke As Tippie Dean - The Chronicle of Higher Education, Mar 16
Russi, Collins Comment on iPods - USA Today, Mar 15
Hunter Is UI's New Business Dean - Chronicle of Higher Education, Mar 13
Whiteman Comments on Job Retraining Program - Des Moines Register, Mar 12
IEM Noted As Prediction Market - New York Times, Mar 11
UI Student Entrepreneurs Featured - Fortune Small Business, Mar 8
Hunter Named Dean Of Tippie College Of Business - WQAD-TV, Mar 6


Buffett Addresses UI Students - JoongAng Daily Business Finance, Feb 28
Chinese Executive Earned MBA at UI - Financial Times, Feb 15
City High Grad Stars in FedEx Super Bowl Ad - Iowa City Press-Citizen, Feb 8


Campbell Comments on Use of RFID Technology - Corridor Business Journal, Jan 30
Thomas Comments on Auto Industry and the Economy - Iowa City Press-Citizen, Jan 29
Whiteman Comments on Greenspan Legacy - Des Moines Register, Jan 28
UI Professor Comments On Office Gossip - Desert Morning News, Jan 14
UI 'Lean' Course Spotlights Collins' Methods - Iowa City Gazette, Jan 11
Business Students Learn To Be Lean - Iowa City Press Citizen, Jan 9
Chinese Executives Attend UI MBA Program - Business Week, Jan 9
Alumnus Donates to Tippie College Online - Des Moines Register, Jan 9
UI Teams Up For China Agribusiness MBA - Business Week Online, Jan 6