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Tippie College Runs Political Futures Market - Canoe, Dec 27
IEM forecasted election winners - Slate, Dec 18
UI prediction market has high success rate - Toronto Globe and Mail, Dec 18
IEM performs well in recent election cycles - Economist, Dec 14
Cow paintings benefit Tippie College of Business - The Chronicle of Higher Education, Dec 8
Iowa Electronic Markets add Huckabee - Morning News, Dec 8
IEM puts Iowa on the map as more accurate tool - Financial Times, Dec 7


IEM shows shift to 'rest of the field' - Scripps News, Nov 30
Giuliani, Clinton lead on IEM - Rocky Mountain News, Nov 26
IEM used to track Clinton after negative news - Chicago Sun-Times, Nov 15
UI Class Taking Part in Real-World Marketing - Iowa City Press-Citizen, Nov 14
SEC files more backdating charges - CFO, Nov 12
Lie speaks about options backdating -, Nov 7
Berg, business students discuss Iowa Electronic Markets - PBS, Nov 6
Iowa Electronic Markets continue tradition - New York Times, Nov 4
Lie research prompted investigations - The American Lawyer, Nov 1


IEM sees Giuliani/Clinton race - Reuters, Oct 29
Erik Lie: Many backdaters may not face prosecution - Boston Globe, Oct 23
IEM noted as successful prediction market - Forbes, Oct 15
UI's Rego weighs in on bruise on Apple's reputation - Business Week, Oct 12
Lie cited in story about developing scandal - Financial Week, Oct 1


Iowa Electronic Markets cited - Seattle Times, Sep 30
Geweke sheds insight into Iowa metro growth - Quad Cities Online, Sep 27
Lie research cited - Haaretz, Sep 26
Houge study finds index rebalancing hurts mutual fund performance - Daily Wealth, Sep 24
Iowa Electronic Markets prove accurate - Sunday Times, Sep 23
Lie's Options Backdating Research Cited - Financial Post, Sep 19


Lie Documents Widespread Stock Option - , Aug 24
Berg: IEM more accurate than polls - Campaigns & Elections, Aug 22
Lie Stock Option Research Noted - Business Week, Aug 22
Markets Predict Hurricane Paths, Damage - Saint Petersburg Times, Aug 14
Neumann Comments On UI/Wellmark Controversy - NPR, Aug 10
UI Professor Gives Tips For Fantasy Football Season Fans - USA Today, Aug 2
Hensley Cites Entrepreneurial Program - Entrepreneur Magazine, Aug 1


Ohlmann Develops Fantasy Football Draft Model - BusinessWeek, Jul 30
UI Started Prediction Markets -, Jul 23
IEM Recognized As Leading Market - Online Opinion, Jul 16
Electronic Markets Pioneered by UI Now Include Farmers - Omaha World-Herald, , Jul 2
Story Cites UI's Lie and Stock Back-Dating Scandal - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Jul 1


Clinton Leading, McCain Fading on IEM - TheStreet., Jun 27
IEM Lets Investors Wager in Presidential Elections - Madera Tribune, Jun 23
IEM Is Leading 'Prediction Market' - International Herald Tribune, Jun 23
Farmetrics Is Based on IEM - Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, Jun 17
Schmidt Declares Importance of Intelligence - American Executive, Jun 15
Lie Research Noted in Bogle Book Review - New York Review of Books, Jun 14
UI Electronic Market More Accurate Than Any Poll - Popular Science, Jun 14
IEM Noted As Political Futures Market - Chicago Sun-Times, Jun 14
Business Faculty Visit Eastern Iowa Communities - fyi (Univ of Iowa), Jun 11
IEM Profiled - Daily Kos, Jun 7


Columnist Compares Stock Options Backdating, Flying DeLorean - Appleton Post-Crescent, May 26
UI Professor Referenced In Tax Study - The Wall Street Journal, May 25
Lie's Research Uncovered Stock Options Backdating Scandal - Bloomberg, May 21
Stock-Option Headaches Continue - East Bay Business Journal, May 21
UI Studies Power of Incumbency - Times-Reporter, May 20
Erik Lie's Research Launched Backdating Scandal - The Argus, May 13
Lie Discusses Backdating Prosecutions - TechNews World, May 7
Berg Explains IEM - NY Newsday, May 7
Lie Makes Time's 100 Most Influential List - The Indianapolis Star,, May 4


Article Asks: Are Political Markets Legal? - Slate, Apr 27
Lie Comments On Backdating Stocks - ABC, Apr 24
Erik Lie Stock-Option Research Cited - Dallas Morning News, Apr 23
Lie Research Is Behind Pulitzer Prize - Indianapolis Star, Apr 19
Chicago Olympic Market Might Have Value, Says Reitz - Chicago Tribune, Apr 17
Columnist Comments on Lie-Based Reporting - Economic Principles, Apr 15
Iowa Electronic Markets Inspired Farmetrics - Garden City Telegram, Apr 14
Stock-Option Abuses Called Far-Reaching - Kansas City Star, Apr 12
Crop Prediction Contest Based On IEM - Arkansas Democrat Gazette, Apr 12
Lie Thinks Stock Options Scandal Will Grow - Kansas City Star, Apr 10
Rietz Describes Iowa Electronic Markets - Dispatch-Argus, Apr 7
Lie: Scandal's Impact On Companies Limited -, Apr 5
IEM Cited As Successful Prediction Market - Philadelphia Inquirer, Apr 3
Columnist Discusses IEM - Philadelphia Inquirer, Apr 1


Erik Lie Comments On Steve Jobs Future - San Francisco Chronicle, Mar 25
Rego Comments On Customer Service - Motley Fool, Mar 24
Story Explains Iowa Electronic Markets - MSNBC, Mar 22
Slate to Publish IEM Data -, Mar 20
UI Cited in Story on Business School Competition - Business Weekly, Mar 19
Weller Cited On Technical Analysis - American Chronicle, Mar 17
Erik Lie Questions RIM Options Timing - Toronto Globe And Mail, Mar 16
Erik Lie Submits Affidavit in Canadian Case - Toronto Star, Mar 16
Lie Comments on Research in Motion Case - CTV, Mar 15
Lie Stock Option Work Cited in Court Case - Wall Street Journal, Mar 15
IEM Conducted Hurricane Futures Market - South Florida Sun Sentinel, Mar 13
Columnist Cites Erik Lie for Finding Stock Backdating Scandal - Appleton Post Crescent, Mar 13
UI Futures Market Success Noted - Philadelphia Inquirer, Mar 9
Opinion Piece: Electronic Markets Accurate - Philadelphia Inquirer, Mar 9
Writer: UI Political Futures Markets Very Accurate - China Post, Mar 7
Futures Markets Are Noted for Accuracy - Salt Lake Tribune, Mar 7
Lie Glad His Work Has Had an Impact - Toronto Globe and Mail, Mar 6
Op-Ed Column Cites UI Markets - Washington Post, Mar 5
Erik Lie's Options Research Rocks Industry - Kitsap Sun, Mar 5
Fethke Comments on Economic Impact - Red Orbit, Mar 2
Erik Lie's Research Cited in Flir Case - The Oregonian, Mar 2


Erik Lie Comments on Brocade Case - Business Week, Feb 26
Net Firm Emulates UI Political Markets - Chicago Tribune, Feb 24
Gruca Study Shows Customer Satisfaction Improves Business - Forbes, Feb 19
Magazine Cites UI Finance Professors' Work - Traders Magazine, Feb 16
UI Economist Comments On Ethanol Plants - Tri-State Neighbor, Feb 15
Rynes, Schmidt Find Benefits Of Corporate Responsibility - WZZM-TV, Feb 15
Backdating Scandal Hits In-House Counsel Hard - Legal Week, Feb 15
Rynes, Schmidt Find Benefits Of Corporate Responsibility - USA Today, Feb 14
UI Research Cited In Flir Backdating Case - AP, Feb 9
Professor's Stock Research Cited - The Morning News, Feb 8


Lie Claims Company Failed To Report Options - Canadian Business Online, Jan 29
BlackBerry Maker May Have Misdated Option Grants - Bloomberg, Jan 26
Lie Alleges Company Backdated Options - Globe Investor, Jan 26
Hunter: Moskow Is Vigilant On Inflation - St. Louis Post Dispatch, Jan 23
Hunter Comments on Moskow Retirement - Los Angeles Times, Jan 23
Resignations May Slow Backdating Probes - San Francisco Chronicle, Jan 21
Pegnetter Named Interim President Of FGCU - Ft. Myers News-Press, Jan 18
Lie Comments on Apple's Jobs Backdating Investigation - Time, Jan 11
Lie Rocks The Business World - Business Finance Magazine, Jan 11
UI Business Etiquette Session Noted - CNN, Jan 9
Economic growth expected to slow in 2007 - Des Moines Register , Jan 8
Erik Lie Comments On Jobs' Future At Apple - MSNBC, Jan 5
Lie Uncovered Backdating Of Stock Options - Business Week, Jan 4
Lie Comments on Backdating Investigation - San Francisco Chronicle, Jan 3
Alumnus Is New Mall General Manager - San Francisco Business Times, Jan 3
Lie: Jobs Options May Not Be Nefarious - CIO Today, Jan 3