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UI Study Shows Value of a Good Handshake - WTXX-TV (Hartford, CT), Dec 17
Gaeth Comments on Study Abroad Program - Lawrence Journal World, Dec 16
Ingram Named Associate Provost - Chicago Tribune, Dec 1


Murry Comments on Prices in Recession - Reliable Plant Magazine, Nov 24
Commentator Discusses IEM - Minnesota Public Radio, Nov 21
Lie Research Uncovered Backdating Scandal - The American, Nov 18
'Mad Money' Visits UI Campus - CNBC, Nov 13
CNBC's Jim Cramer To Talk at University of Iowa -, Nov 11
IEM Cited as Success in Tracking Election Outcomes - Biz Yahoo, Nov 5
IEM Traders Bullish on Obama - Agence France Presse, Nov 3
IEM Predictions Cited - Wall Street Journal MarketWatch, Nov 2
IEM Odds Are Cited - North Jersey Record, Nov 1


IEM Predicts Obama Victory - Bloomberg, Oct 31
IEM Forecast Elections with Eerie Accuracy - Foreign Policy, Oct 29
IEM Puts Money on Obama - Tigard Times, Oct 29
Obama's Lead Grows Steadily on Iowa Electronic - Fox Business, Oct 28
Rietz Explains Stability on IEM - The Politico, Oct 26
Pollyvote Uses IEM - Pensacola News Journal, Oct 25
Leverty: Insurance Firms May Need To Raise Premiums - Kansas City Star, Oct 21
Nelson Talks about Market Discrepancies - New York Times, Oct 19
UI Will Host 'Mad Money' - Chicago Tribune, Oct 18
IEM Traders Favor Obama by Large Margin - Reuters, Oct 15
MBA Students To Meet with Buffett - Chicago Tribune, Oct 14
Rietz: Markets Might Predict Flu Patterns - BusinessWeek, Oct 14
Franken Rallies, Coleman Tanks on IEM -, Oct 13
IEM Shows McCain Sinking - IPS, Oct 11
Billett Comments on Business Professors' Salaries - Wall Street Journal, Oct 7
Berg Discusses Iowa Electronic Markets - Congressional Quarterly, Oct 3
IEM Cited in Article on Prediction Markets - Washington Post, Oct 2


Column Cites Stewart Handshake Research - Huffington Post, Sep 29
IEM Trading Is Cited - Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, Sep 28
Stewart Research Finds Importance of Handshake - Daily Mail, Sep 27
UI Business Student Explains Personal Investing - Business Week, Sep 26
Stewart Research Shows Importance of Handshake - Edmonton Sun, Sep 23
IEM Standings Similar to British Market's - Wall Street Journal, Sep 18
IEM Remains Unchanged - Bloomberg, Sep 13
IEM Cited as Better Predictor of Wins Than Gallup Polls - Mother Jones, Sep 11
IEM Predicts Vote Share Better Than Polls - WKYT-TV, Lexington KY, Sep 2
Studies: Markets Better Election Predictor - New York Daily News, Sep 2


IEM's Success Noted - Manila Times, Aug 31
IEM Remains Unmoved on Barack Post - Financial Times, Aug 29
Ohlmann Researches Optimal Draft Strategy - Live Science, Aug 28
MBA Student Discusses Stock Picks - CNBC, Aug 28
Rietz: Biden Selection Had No Impact on IEM - Fox Business News, Aug 25
IEM Investors Predict Democrats will Win Election - New York Times, Aug 21
Nelson Discusses Accuracy of IEM - The Telegraph, Aug 18
Stewart Discourages Fist Bumps at Job - News Journal, Aug 18
UI Pioneered Prediction Markets - Israel 21c, Aug 9
UI Student Produces Cannes-bound Short - Arlington Heights Post, Aug 7
Stewart: Poor Handshake Can Damage Job Prospects - CNN/CareerBuilder, Aug 6


Stewart Discourages Fist Bumps in Job Interviews - USA Today, Jul 22
Erik Lie Wins Award - Indianapolis Star, Jul 20
IEM Noted as Legal Prediction Market - Science Daily, Jul 14
Albrecht Comments on McCain's Economic Plan - Politico, Jul 10
Google Employees Trade on Prediction Market - Bloomberg, Jul 10
More IEM-Type Prediction Markets Could Emerge - Business Week, Jul 7
Campbell Says 'E-Tailers' Can Learn from Airlines - Wall Street Journal, Jul 7
IEM Cited in Speculative Trading Column - Yahoo! Canada, Jul 2
IEM traders favor Obama - Reuters, Jul 1


Whiteman Explains Flood Impact on Iowa Economy - Fox Business News, Jun 24
UI Study: CEOs Overconfident in Negotiating Skills - WebIndia, Jun 12
Deere Manager Spoke at Tippie Commencement - The Salinas Californian, Jun 11
Erik Lie Discovered Corporate Backdating -, Jun 10
UI Alumnus Is New CEO of Toronto Bourse - Toronto Star, Jun 10
New Toronto Stock Exchange CEO is UI Alumnus - Toronto Globe and Mail, Jun 10
IEM: Traders Bet Obama Beats McCain in U.S. Election - Yahoo/Reuters, Jun 5
Neumann, Berg Discuss IEM Performance During Primary Season - MSNBC, Jun 4
IEM Traders Favor Obama in Election - Boston Globe, Jun 4
Berg: IEM Investors Not a Random Sample - American Conservative, Jun 2
CMBA Graduates Should Heed the Lessons of Killinger, Others - LiveMint, Jun 2
UI's Killinger Resigns from Washington - Bloomberg, Jun 2
Houge Study Pierces Conventional Wisdom - New York Times, Jun 1


Professors Found Options Grants Were Backdated - CIO Today, May 30
Reitz: Iowa Banks OK Compared to National - Chicago Tribune, May 26
Solows Get Degrees from Iowa - The Chronicle of Higher Education, May 23
UI's Role Cited in Helping Find Company Misdeeds - Reuters, May 23
Stewart: Handshakes Make First Impression - Chattanooga Times Free Press, May 19
Stewart Researches Handshakes - Atlanta Journal-Constitution, May 18
Stewart's Research Shows Firm Grip Gets Job - Globe and Mail, May 16
UI's Gaeth Notes Challenges for MBA Programs in China - Business Week, May 15
Column Notes Iowa Electronic Markets - The World, May 14
IEM Noted as First Prediction Market - Jewish World Review, May 14
IEM Predicts McCain's Presidential Chances - Barron's, May 13
Limitations of Prediction Markets Noted - Wall Street Journal, May 13
Clinton Falls in IEM - Electric New Paper, May 10
UI Study Shows Firm Handshakes Helps Land Jobs - Business World, May 9
Solid Handshake Key in Job Interviews, Study Shows - Reuters, May 8
UI Research Shows Handshakes Matter in Job Interviews - China Daily, May 7
Erik Lie Says Backdating Actions Are Waning - Financial Week, May 5
Berg: IEM Used for Research, Teaching - AOL Money, May 2
IEM One of Two Regulated Prediction Markets -, May 2
Gruca Research Is Cited - Forbes, May 2
Solow: Not Everyone's Income Falls During a Recession - Yahoo Sports, May 1


Columnist Cites Iowa Electronic Markets - Congressional Quarterly, Apr 30
IEM Cited in Column - Wall Street Journal, Apr 28
IEM Says Clinton's Chances Are Slim - New York Post, Apr 28
Obama Continues To Lead Iowa Electronic - Time, Apr 23
Clinton Still Lags in Iowa Electronic Markets - MSNBC, Apr 23
IEM Forecasts Election Outcomes - Green Bay Press Gazette, Apr 20
Iowa Electronic Markets See Sharp Shift - Yahoo News, Apr 17
Democrats, Obama Favored in IEM - New York Times, Apr 15
UI Scores High in CPA Ranking - Accounting, Apr 14
'Cafferty File' Notes Iowa Electronic Market Prices - CNN, Apr 9
Washington Mutual CEO Attended UI - Tampa Bay Online, Apr 9
Iowa Electronic Markets Traders Favor Obama - Reuters, Apr 9
UI Business Students Learn Etiquette - Ithaca Journal, Apr 4
IEM a Better Bet for Predicting Future in Politics - Business Day, Apr 4
IEM Is Reliable Forecast of Election Results - Business Day, Apr 4
Murry: Gore Campaign Plan Doesn't Spend Enough - New York Times, Apr 1
Lie's Research Used in Suit Against Canadian Company - National Post, Apr 1


Academic's Finance Research Seen As Relevant -, Mar 28
UI Marketing Study Cited - Bluhalo, Mar 17
Nayakankuppam Finds Blissful Ignorance Effect - New York Times, Mar 15
Iowa Electronic Markets Traders Still Favor Obama - Reuters, Mar 11
Berg Compares Iowa Electronic Markets, Polls - Financial Times, Mar 11
Iowa Electronic Markets Cited in Article on Voters, Economy - USA Today, Mar 6
Nayakankuppam Studied Spending Behaviors - Wall Street Journal, Mar 5
IEM Predicts Democratic Presidential Win - Wall Street Journal, Mar 5
UI's Political Futures Market Cited in Column - Washington Post, Mar 5
Iowa Electronic Markets Still Predicts Obama Nomination -, Mar 4
Iowa Electronic Markets Forecasts Are Accurate - Scientific American, Mar 1


UI Studies Blissful Ignorance Effect - Media Post Publications, Feb 29
Berg Discusses Iowa Electronic Markets - BusinessWeek, Feb 28
Iowa Electronic Markets Traders Prefer Obama - Reuters, Feb 26
Author Received MBA from UI - Cincinnati Enquirer, Feb 25
Berg Explains Prediction Markets -, Feb 25
Gruca Comments on Consumer Satisfaction - Forbes, Feb 20
IEM Odds Now Favor Obama - Reuters, Feb 12
Rietz Comments on Futures Markets - Investment News, Feb 11
IEM Beats the Polls - InfoWorld, Feb 4
Story Explains Iowa Electronic Markets - Huffington Post, Feb 3


Jahn Toasts Reed's Entrepreneurial Approach - CNN, Jan 30
McCain, Clinton Lead Iowa Electronic Markets - Financial Times, Jan 30
Giuliani Move Affects Reporter's IEM Portfolio - St. Petersburg Times, Jan 30
IEM Is Profiled - KABC, Jan 29
UI Is in Accounting Top Ten - Financial Times, Jan 28
IEM Cited in Article on Reaction to French Bank Fraud -, Jan 24
Alumna's Cow Painting Benefits Tippie College of Business - Agri News, Jan 17
Erik Lie Presents Research on Backdating - Washington Times, Jan 13
Reporter Tried Iowa Electronic Markets - St. Petersburg Times, Jan 12
Iowa Electronic Markets One of Oldest Markets - Bangor Daily News, Jan 12
Iowa Electronic Markets Was Model for Ag Markets - Press & Dakotan, Jan 11
Rietz Notes Iowa Electronic Markets' Track Record - Chicago Tribune, Jan 10
N.H. Benefits Iowa Electronic Markets Investors - New York Times, Jan 10
Book Analyzes Iowa Electronic Markets Results - Wall Street Journal, Jan 8
Iowa Electronic Markets Flip Cited - InformationWeek, Jan 8
Blog Cites Iowa Electronic Markets - Financial Times, Jan 8
Iowa Electronic Markets Investors Now Favor Obama - LA Biz, Jan 8
Rietz Comments on Market Movements - MSNBC, Jan 8
Obama Contract Price Leading Iowa Electronic Markets - Bloomberg, Jan 7
IEM Investors Favored Clinton - NewsMax, Jan 4
UI Future Trading Market Predicts Political Winners - Post Chronicle, Jan 3
Iowa Electronic Markets Predicts Winners, Losers - InformationWeek, Jan 3
IEM Predicts Clinton Win -, Jan 3
Story Features Iowa Electronic Markets - KSL, Jan 2
Iowa Electronic Markets Cited - New York Times, Jan 2