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IEM Was Predecessor to Proposed Binary Election Options - Business Wire, Dec 21
UI Alumna Hansen Is Profiled - Des Moines Register, Dec 21
Rietz Describes Accuracy of Iowa Electronic Markets - Reuters, Dec 19
Whiteman Says Iowa Economic Health Conflicts with GOP Theme - The New York Times, Dec 17
Solow Responds to Rise in Iowa Poverty - Gazette, Dec 17
Solow Says National Debt Outlook Depends on Social Security and Medicare - Quad-City Times, Dec 16
Murry Assesses Mood of Iowa Holiday Shoppers - Des Moines Register, Dec 15
Lanes Donate $5M to UI Finance, Football - Iowa City Press-Citizen, Dec 14
UI Theater Student and Two Alumnae Win Business Development Grant - Iowa City Press-Citizen, Dec 9
Collins Assesses Legal Implications of MF Global Missing Funds - Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Dec 9
UI Theater Student and Alumnae Win JPEC Elevator Pitch Award - Iowa City Press-Citizen, Dec 9
Forget an Essay--Earn a Scholarship with a Tweet - CNN, Dec 8
Betting on the Elections--Why Do Gamblers Beat Polls? - Money Talks News, Dec 8
Borrowing Money Could Cost Eastern Iowans This Holiday Season - KCRG, Dec 7
Students Hold 'Beardoff' - Iowa City Press-Citizen, Dec 6
Three Reports on Economy See Positives for Iowa - Des Moines Register, Dec 2


How to Make a Profit in Politics - MSNBC, Nov 30
Hy-Vee Store Director Has Long Relationship with the Company - Iowa City Press-Citizen, Nov 25
Competition Pushing Stores to Open Earlier - Iowa City Press-Citizen, Nov 23
GOP Tax Plans Differ, but Philosophy Same - Des Moines Register, Nov 20
The Market for State Territory: Pass the Hemlock - The Economist, Nov 19
Cain's 9-9-9 Would Mean Less in Taxes for Some in Iowa City - The Daily Iowan, Nov 17
Betting on Politics--and Getting it Right - CNN, Nov 16
Expert: Businesses Should Avoid Jumping on the Latest Bandwagon - WHO NewsRadio, Nov 15
Earn More Without Giving Up Your Whole Life - MarketWatch, Nov 15
Poll: Most Americans Favor Small Businesses - The Daily Iowan, Nov 8
Predictive Ability of Small Markets: Iowa Electronic Markets -, Nov 8
Next President for Sale: Cheap - Forbes, Nov 3
Maid-Rite Approaches Social Media-Savvy UI Students for Web Revamp - The Gazette, Nov 3
Despite Weak Economy, UI Grads Still Netting Jobs - The Daily Iowan, Nov 3
UI Prof Campaigns for Bone Marrow Donation - The Daily Iowan, Nov 3


Lindemann Chimney Company Still Cleaning After More Than 40 Years - The Daily Herald, Oct 31
A Marvelous Career - Gulf Coast Business Review, Oct 28
Romney Leads the Iowa Electronic Markets - The Iowa Independent, Oct 26
iPredict Elections Show: Stratos TV Bets on a Sure Thing - Scoop Independent News, Oct 25
A Transformative Time for Principal - Des Moines Register, Oct 22
Social Isolation Affects Consumer Choice - United Press International (UPI), Oct 22
Why Politicians Really Might be to Blame for Volatile Markets - The Star, Oct 21
UI Credit Union May Gain Customers After Big Bank Switch - The Daily Iowan, Oct 13
Perry Stresses Deregulation at Iowa Campaign Stop - The Daily Iowan, Oct 10
Corporate Audit Fees Up? Beware of Trouble Ahead - Reuters, Oct 10
Are Politics Affecting Consumer Confidence? - Des Moines Register, Oct 9
From the Boardroom to the Pulpit - Des Moines Register, Oct 1


Main Street Business: Excuses for Bad Customer Service that Rile Customers - The Daily Journal, Sep 28
Haraldsen's Garage: Running Strong for 59 Years - Darien Patch, Sep 23
Perry Speech, War on Regulations Raise Parallels to Pre-recession Climate - The Iowa Independent, Sep 21
Home Ownership Down Among Young Americans - WOWT, Sep 19
Stewart Shares Handshake Expertise with Kathie Lee and Hoda - The Today Show, Sep 15
UI Finance Alumnus Becomes Head of Boston Scientific - Bloomberg Businessweek, Sep 14
UI Moves to 28th in U.S. News & World Report - Iowa City Press-Citizen, Sep 13
Polls and Bears: Can Markets Predict Elections Better than Pollsters? - PBS, Sep 2
Tweets, Plays Well w/Others: A Perfect MBA Candidate - The Wall Street Journal, Sep 1


Buybacks Are Back, and Many Repurchase Programs Occur for the Wrong Reasons - Y Charts, Aug 25
Moeller Discusses Student and Employer Expectations - Business Record, Aug 19
Whiteman Responds to U. S. Credit Downgrade - The Gazette, Aug 12
Whiteman Comments on Housing and Worker Mobility - Des Moines Register, Aug 7
Texan Twitters His Way to Free MBA - Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Aug 4


Iowa Graduate Is Founder, CEO of dataBabies - Iowa City Press Citizen, Jul 29
Alumna Cheng Makes The Hill's 50 Most Beautiful - The Hill, Jul 27
Alumnus with Nine National Titles Continues Table Tennis at Age 104 - Tampa Bay Online, Jul 20
Your Tweet Could Win You a Full Scholarship Worth $37,240 - Tweet Magazine, Jul 18
IEM Studies the Predictive Power of Markets - MSNBC Cosmic Log, Jul 18
UI Business Alumna Ohlendorf Is Profiled - Muscatine Journal, Jul 17
Whiteman Carries 100-Trillion Dollar Bill to Illustrate the Consequences of Default - Des Moines Register, Jul 16
Students Create 'Impossible' Ice Cream - Iowa City Press-Citizen, Jul 15
Tweeting for Tuition at U of I - Omaha World-Herald, Jul 14
US College Offers Scholarship to MBA Course for Candidates Who Apply by Twitter - The Australian, Jul 14
Planning on an MBA? Your Tweet Could Be Worth $37,000 - Yahoo! Shine, Jul 14
Tippie Marketing Alum Named as a President of Oprah Winfrey's Network - Deadline, Jul 13
U.S. University Offers £23,000 Scholarship to Candidate with the Best Tweet - The Telegraph (UK), Jul 13
Schafer Discusses Application Tweet on MSNBC - MSNBC, Jul 13
College Offers Scholarship for Twitter 'Essay' - USA TODAY, Jul 12
Good Morning America Reports on Tippie Tweet Scholarship Competition - ABC News: Good Morning America, Jul 12
Tweet Your Way to a Free MBA - Minneapolis StarTribune, Jul 12
$38,000 Scholarship for One Tweet - Macleans.Ca, Jul 12
University of Iowa Offers Scholarship for Best Application Tweet -, Jul 12
Local College Offers Full Ride for 'Tweet' -, Jul 12
Tippie MBA Grad Using Breath Tests to Keep People Out of Jail - Iowa City Press-Citizen, Jul 11
Tippie MBA Tweets Could Catch on at Other Schools - The Daily Iowan, Jul 8
Tippie MBA Tuition Award Could Be Yours with Just One Tweet - College News, Jul 8
Early IEM Trading Gives Edge to Obama - The Gazette, Jul 7
Tippie School of Management Integrates Social Media - Iowa City Press-Citizen, Jul 5
The University of Iowa Is Awarding a $37,000 Scholarship for One Tweet - Business Insider, Jul 1
The $37,000 Tweet - Bloomberg Business Week, Jul 1
Grad Assistant Runs Truly Green Business - Business380, Jul 1
Can You Tweet Your Way into B-School? - Poets & Quants, Jul 1


Ohlmann Interviewed on Iowa Public Radio - Iowa Public Radio, Jun 23
Seibert Finds Employee Advancement Critical in Reducing Turnover - Radio Iowa, Jun 14
Seibert and Kraimer Study Shows that Employee Loyalty Hinges on Career Opportunities - Management-Issues, Jun 14
Seibert Study Reveals that Employee Training Could Increase Turnover - Corridor Business Journal, Jun 13


Elevator Pitch Competitions Help Launch Salsa Company - Iowa City Press-Citizen, May 27
Tippie Remote Classes Offer Unique Learning Environment - Business Record, May 20
Rouwenhorst Study Reveals DVR Doesn't Hurt Advertising - SourceMedia Group News, May 17
Seibert Finds that Empowerment Increases Productivity - Corridor Business Journal, May 10
Tippie Build 4 Dedicates New Home - Iowa City Press-Citizen, May 7
Lynn Allendorf Discusses Entrepreneurship in Iowa - The Exchange, May 5


Seibert's Study Shows the Value of Empowerment - EHS Today, Apr 19
Fuller Sees Tough Obstacles for Eastern Iowa Rail - SourceMedia Group News, Apr 17
Murry Analyzes the Green Revolution - Des Moines Register, Apr 14
Tippie Build Race Boosts Habitat - Iowa City Press-Citizen, Apr 2


Garfinkel Says Vertical Mergers Help Manage Risk -, Mar 28
Tippie Alumnus Sells Controlling Stake in Brewery - Chicago Breaking Business, Mar 28
Solow Cuts Through the Smoke and Mirrors - Omaha World-Herald, Mar 28
Tippie Professor Stays True to His Ghanaian Roots - The Chronicle of Higher Education, Mar 25
Tippie Professor Sees a Unique Way for Airlines to Differentiate - USA TODAY, Mar 24
Tippie Professor Discusses Green Marketing - Iowa Public Radio: The Exchange, Mar 22
Tippie Alumnus Preaches Patient Investing - Barron's, Mar 19


Learning Doesn't Stop After Graduation - The Gazette, Feb 20
Riezman Says Iowa's Problems Are 'Bigger than Branstad' - Des Moines Register, Feb 19
MBA Students Meet with Business Icon Buffett - Iowa City Press-Citizen, Feb 19
UI Students Learn International Etiquette - The Daily Iowan, Feb 18
The Vaughan Institute Pays Dividends to Students and Employers - Business Record, Feb 11
Mergenthaler Study Reinforces a Childhood Lesson - Corridor Business Journal, Feb 8


Tippie Professors Weigh In on Super Bowl Advertising - FYI: News for UI Faculty and Staff, Jan 31
Rouwenhorst Sees the Future of Coupon Clipping - Iowa City Press-Citizen, Jan 29
Tippie Alum Explains Investment Decisions - Morningstar, Jan 26
Tippie Students Learn the Value of Etiquette - The Gazette, Jan 21
Tippie Students Learn a Lesson in Etiquette - Iowa City Press-Citizen, Jan 21
Schmidt Discovers that Employee Engagement Drives Financial Success - Qatar Today, Jan 20
Tippie Professor Finds That Corporate Altruism Creates Trust - Corridor Business Journal, Jan 10
Tippie Study Reveals Corporate Giving Improves Morale - Iowa City Press-Citizen, Jan 9
Solow Finds a Flaw in the NFL's Rooney Rule - The Atlanta Post, Jan 4
Solow Offers a Solution to NFL Diversity Problems - The Dallas Morning News, Jan 4