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Young Alumni Create Scholarships in Tippie College (Dec 20)


Gangnam Style and Substance (Nov 14)
UI to Award Best High School Entrepreneurs (Nov 6)
Apparently, Some People Like Campaign Commercials (Nov 2)
Tippie Student Is Cultural Champion (Nov 2)
College Football Chain Reactions (Nov 1)


Traders See Status Quo (Oct 30)
Will Your Favorite New Show Get the Axe? (Oct 29)
Christensen-Szalanski Wins UI Top Teaching Award (Oct 29)
Sorting Out the Data (Oct 29)
UI to Continue Executive MBA Program in Des Moines (Oct 23)
Romney Gains, but Obama Still Favored by IEM (Oct 18)
Florida State Still Most Productive Football Team (Oct 16)
NewsHour Features UI's Political Prediction Market (Oct 12)
Certified to Stand Out (Oct 11)
Giving People Rewards Uncovers True Motivations (Oct 10)
Saving Money While Making Your Vote Count (Oct 10)
Delaying Families (Oct 8)
Fixing the Economy (Oct 3)
Obama Still Favored on IEM (Oct 3)


Cities and Slime Mold Grow in Similar Ways (Sep 25)
UI Names Hensley to Economic Development Post (Sep 20)
Brook Ranks Florida State as Most Productive Team Thus Far (Sep 19)
More Employers Participating in Job and Career Fair (Sep 17)
Touzani Seeks to Build Community for Veterans (Sep 14)
Tippie Stock Analysts See Economic Growth But High Unemployment (Sep 13)
U.S. News Ranks Tippie Among Nation's Best (Sep 12)
Researcher Opens New Window To See How Chinese Businesses Are Managed (Sep 12)
Stock Analysts Use Instinct When Forecasting Hard-to-Value Firms (Sep 11)
Obama Up, Romney Down on IEM (Sep 10)
John Deere Day on the UI Campus (Sep 4)


IEM Traders Have Pushed Down Romney Price (Aug 24)
Student-Owned Micro-Lending Business Helps Local Start-Ups (Aug 23)
Nonprofit Expert Says Iowans are Generous with Time, But Not Money (Aug 22)
Tippie Student Takes Charge During Semester Kick-Off Event (Aug 20)
Study Suggests Possible Conflict of Interest in Mutual Fund Management (Aug 14)
Ryan Nod Leads to Obama Gains on Iowa Electronic Markets (Aug 14)
PwC Partners with Department of Accounting for Diversity (Aug 14)
Sense of Belonging Is More Important Than Money (Aug 3)
Research Shows Repatriated Employees Often Leave for New Jobs (Aug 1)


Study Finds Fewer Fans Watching NASCAR for the Crashes (Jul 31)
Tippie Student Named State Fair Iowan of the Day (Jul 30)
Half-Filled Housing Developments: 21st-Century Ghost Towns? (Jul 13)
IEM Traders See Rising Possibility of a Majority-Free Congress (Jul 11)


Obama Price Jumps on Iowa Electronic Markets after Health Care Ruling (Jun 28)
It's Called Health Insurance - But It Isn't Really (Jun 20)
Brain Images Show That Self-Control Depletes with Use (Jun 6)
Obama Prices Drop More Than 8 Percent on IEM (Jun 5)


Student Report Suggests Ways to Save Westdale Mall (May 30)
Alumni Association Honors Curt Lane for Service (May 29)
Anstreicher Named Senior Associate Dean of Tippie College of Business (May 29)
Winners Announced in First Quick Pitch Biz Competition (May 24)
Study Shows Management Students Not Learning with Scientific Method (May 15)
Marketing Students Help Iowa City Company Expand to the Web (May 8)
Leverty: Multi-state Regulation Increases Insurance Costs (May 7)
UI to Reward Best Iowa High School Student Business Owners (May 3)
MBA Students Win Fisher Invitational Case Competition (May 2)


Fifth TippieBuild Home to be Dedicated on Saturday (Apr 30)
Tippie Student Participates in Roundtable with President Obama (Apr 27)
Tippie Student Team Among Winners of Pappajohn New Venture Business Plan Competition (Apr 26)
Experts Available to Media Regarding President Obama's Visit (Apr 24)
Student Designs Earth Day T-shirt While Serving in Afghanistan (Apr 16)
Registration Continues for Entrepreneurship Camps (Apr 13)
Tippie Hosts Innovation Forum for Local Businesses (Apr 12)
MIS Students Win 2012 Student Innovation Award (Apr 11)
Winners Announced in New Venture Business Plan Competition (Apr 11)
Students Help Yellowstone Association Gain Edge in Competitive Tour Market (Apr 10)
Romney Most Probable GOP Nominee on IEM Since September 2011 (Apr 10)
Investors Put Their Faith in Finance (Apr 9)
BTA Students Bring Home Hardware from AITP-NCC (Apr 4)
Tippie Class Helps Iowa Entrepreneurs Enter the Worldwide Market (Apr 3)
Winners of the 2012 Iowa Centers for Enterprise Challenge Business Plan Competition Named (Apr 3)
Student's Online Business Restocks Farmers around the World (Apr 2)


Hawkinson Institute Scholar Balances Academics with UI Tennis (Mar 29)
Weller to Lecture on Global Financial Crisis (Mar 27)
School of Management Course Emphasizes Pragmatic Solutions (Mar 16)
New Tippie Dean Brings Diverse Interests and Leadership Experience (Mar 16)
U.S. News Ranks Tippie Graduate Programs among Top 50 in Nation (Mar 13)
University Names New Dean of the Tippie College of Business (Mar 13)


Tippie Professors Appear on WorldCanvass (Feb 29)
Romney Jumps, Santorum Slumps on IEM after Tuesday Primaries (Feb 29)
Accounting Oversight Board Member to Deliver McGladrey Lecture at UI (Feb 27)
Are Companies Hiring Again? (Feb 24)
Templeton Rye President to Speak at UI (Feb 20)
Tippie Finance Faculty Win Best Paper Award (Feb 15)
Watkins Named Candidate for Lowe's Senior CLASS Award (Feb 15)
Tippie Professor Finds Online Merchants Who Emphasize Price Are Less Reliable (Feb 9)
Tippie Researchers Find That Giving People Rewards Uncovers True Motivations (Feb 8)
Naked M&Ms and Matthew Broderick Rank High with Marketing Students (Feb 6)
Sustainability Summit to Be Part of Events on Feb. 10 (Feb 3)


Financial Times Ranks Tippie MBA's Finance Program in Top 10 Worldwide (Jan 31)
Students Providing Tax Services Through VITA (Jan 26)
Wilson Opens New Window To See How Chinese Businesses Are Managed (Jan 24)
Romney Still Favorite on Iowa Electronic Markets Despite South Carolina Loss (Jan 23)
SBDC's Paul Heath Becomes Certified Business Advisor (Jan 23)
Explore Volunteer Opportunities on Jan. 25 (Jan 18)
UI Student and Alumni Bring Youth Theater to Osage (Jan 17)
After New Hampshire, Iowa Electronic Markets Leans to Romney As the Nominee (Jan 11)
Living in Omaha, Earning an MBA from the University of Iowa in Des Moines (Jan 10)