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Proof That UI Is So Much More Than a Party School - Iowa City Press-Citizen, Dec 14
UI Students Create Collaborative Study Website, Officials Not Concerned - The Daily Iowan, Dec 11


Good Samaritan Index Identifies Web Users Who Help Others Most - MIT Technology Review, Nov 28
Jump-Starting the Economy - Des Moines Register, Nov 24
IEDA Board Approves Financial Assistance for Seven Companies - Corridor Business Journal, Nov 20
Dibzees and BettrLife Bring in State Funds for Staff Expansion - Silicon Prarie News, Nov 20
UI Student Entrepreneur Touts Bracelets for Looks, Survival - The Gazette, Nov 16
Tutor Universe Aims to Connect Tutors, Pupils via Virtual Study Hall - Silicon Prairie News, Nov 15
UI Tech Entrepreneurs Part of Startup Fair in DSM - Des Moines Register, Nov 15
Gangnam Style Rocks the Tippie College of Business - The Daily Iowan, Nov 14
Des Moines Visitors Bureau Hopes Campaign Will 'Catch' On - Des Moines Register, Nov 14
UI Student Wins Iowa House Race - The Daily Iowan, Nov 13
Eastern Iowans React to President's 'Fiscal Cliff' Address - KCRG, Nov 9
They All Got It Right: Polls, Markets, and Models - PBS Newshour, Nov 7
Electronic Market Predicts Presidential Election - Iowa Public Television, Nov 2
University of Iowa Student Launches Online Tutor Marketplace - Des Moines Register, Nov 2
UI Officials See Rising Demand for Iowa's Only EMBA Program - The Daily Iowan, Nov 1
Bone Marrow Drive Focuses on Quality over Quantity in Registered Donors - The Daily Iowan, Nov 1


Want to Fix the Economy? UI Experts Have Ideas - Des Moines Business Record, Oct 18
UI Sophomore Starts Successful Web Business at His Family's Farm - The Daily Iowan, Oct 17
Bedell Entrepreneurial Lab Hopes to Expand Despite Funding Delays - The Daily Iowan, Oct 17
Who Won the Debate? Oddsmakers Weigh In - Washington Post, Oct 17


Cancer Institute Gives Grant to Corvida - Iowa City Press-Citizen, Sep 30
From Chicago's Mean Streets to B-School - Bloomberg Businessweek, Sep 27
Pappajohn Business Competition Winners Announced - Des Moines Business Record, Sep 27
No EBM in the MBA - BizEd Magazine, Sep 21
Start-Ups Get Feedback at Innovation Expo - The Gazette, Sep 18
Résumé Required: Business Majors Get a Wake-Up Call - Bloomberg Businessweek, Sep 14
University of Iowa Student Analysts See Lackluster Economic Growth - The Gazette, Sep 13
Forbes at UI: In Tough Economy, Graduates Must 'Hustle' - The Daily Iowan, Sep 13
Forbes Draws Crowd of 800 for UI Event - The Daily Iowan Live, Sep 12


Creator of Farm Manuals Fast Interviewed - Iowa Public Radio, Aug 21
Students Get a Taste of the Real World in Business Boot Camp - Des Moines Register, Aug 17
Kernels' Whalen Goes from War to Pro Baseball - The Gazette, Aug 16
Business Uses Geographic Mapping to Increase Business Efficiency - Iowa City Press-Citizen, Aug 12
My Iowa State Fair Golf Cart Ride With the Iowan of the Day - Des Moines Register, Aug 10
Iowa Ranks Last in Women's Firms - Des Moines Register, Aug 8
Foreign Assignments Inspire Employees to Job-Hunt - Business News Daily, Aug 2
Economy Responsible for New Ghost Towns - Zillow Blog, Aug 2


Tinker, Tailor: MBA Curriculum Change Modest at Best - Bloomberg Businessweek, Jul 30
Professor Says Mandate Allows Health Care Law to Function - Radio Iowa, Jul 29
Analysis: Missing the Mark - The Daily, Jul 27
The Precarious Profession of University President - The Chronicle of Higher Education, Jul 23
Kids Get the Scoop on Small Business - The Daily Iowan, Jul 13
How Battleground States See the Economy - NPR, Jul 13
Local Kids Get Chance To Be Ice Cream Entrepreneurs - The Gazette, Jul 12
Tippie Build Puts Students' Business Skills to the Test - Iowa City Press-Citizen, Jul 4
A Surefire Way Companies Risk Losing Their Employees - Business Insider, Jul 3


When Training Leads to Turnover - Wall Street Journal , Jun 25
Local Startup Forges Ahead, Navigates FDA Approval - Corridor Business Journal, Jun 25
Former BELL Startup Receives IEDA Financial Assistance - Iowa Economic, Jun 22
What Your Brain Looks Like When You Lose Self-Control - NPR Science Friday, Jun 22
Facebook for Traders - Fast Money/, Jun 20
This Is What Your Brain Looks Like When You Lose Your Self-Control - Popular Science, Jun 19
Gallo Assesses Plans for Westdale Revival - The Gazette, Jun 16
Having Trouble with Self-Control! It's All in Your Head! -, Jun 12
Leading the Way: Leadership by Relevance - Business 380, Jun 10
Study Finds Cut-Price Merchants Less Reliable - Better Business Bureau, Jun 8
Watch Those Search Results - Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Jun 8
Scandal Raises Questions About Technology Usage Policies - Des Moines Register, Jun 4
Medical Device Startup Infused with State Cash - Sioux City Journal, Jun 3
Success in a Flash - Entrepreneur, Jun 1


As Retirement Looms, U of I Dean Will Keep Focusing on Business - Des Moines Register, May 31
Students Say Westdale Needs a Lifestyle Change - Cedar Rapids Gazette, May 30
How Much Debt Should a City Risk? - The Gazette, May 20
Re-branding the Corridor for a More Regional Edge - The Gazette, May 20
Research Shows Effect of Customer Expertise - Financial Times, May 18
Iowa Demonstration Fund Awards Go to Five Corridor Companies - The Gazette, May 18
Gardial Is First Female Business Dean at UI - Corridor Business Journal, May 14
Marketing to Moms - Iowa Public Radio, May 11
Duplicate Regulation Drives Up Commercial Premiums - Insurance Journal, May 8
UI Student Finds Success in Untapped Online Market - Iowa City Press-Citizen, May 6
Youths' Business Ideas Could Win Cash - Des Moines Register, May 3


UI Student Wins Iowa City Design Contest From Afghanistan - Iowa City Press-Citizen, Apr 30
Tech Startups Say Iowa Offers Perfect Environment - Iowa City Press-Citizen, Apr 23
Expectant Couple Opens Baby Clothing Boutique in North Liberty - Iowa City Press-Citizen, Apr 15
Why Steve Jobs Is Not a Leader to Emulate - Financial Post, Apr 12
Why Does Tuition Go Up? Because Taxpayer Support Goes Down - The Chronicle of Higher Education, Apr 1


Public No More: Why the B-School Model Works - Bloomberg Businessweek, Mar 30
GOP Faces a Tough Battle to Win White House - MSN, Mar 20
UI Tippie College Of Business Welcomes First Female Dean - The Daily Iowan, Mar 19
MBA Falling Out of Favor? - Bloomberg Businessweek, Mar 13
Colbert's Research Shows Abusive Bosses Are Tolerated If They Are Productive - The Fiscal Times, Mar 13
Housing Market Shows Signs Of Life - Iowa City Press-Citizen, Mar 12
Retail Economy Affecting Some Consumers More Than Others - Iowa City Press-Citizen, Mar 11
Local Economy Remains Step Ahead Of State, Nation - Iowa City Press-Citizen, Mar 9
UI Courses Adapt to Expanding Job Market - The Daily Iowan, Mar 8
Experts Disagree on Effectiveness of One-Year Master's in Boosting Female Enrollment - The Daily Iowan, Mar 7
Marketing Students Get Real-World Experience - Iowa City Press-Citizen, Mar 3
UI Students Offer Tutoring Service Not Affiliated with University - The Daily Iowan, Mar 2


Rietz, Berg Discuss Risky Decisions and Rewards - KGAN-TV, Feb 29
KRUI General Manager Trades Big City Life For Iowa City - The Daily Iowan, Feb 27
Indiana-Produced Templeton Rye Still Wildly Popular In Iowa - The Daily Iowan, Feb 27
Rietz Comments On Dow's Flirtation With 13,000 Mark - Des Moines Register, Feb 25
IEM Demonstrates The Political Wisdom Of Crowds - 24H Vancouver, Feb 24
How About Some Free Consulting? - Business Record, Feb 24
Whiskeymaker Tells His Success Story - Iowa City Press-Citizen, Feb 24
Café Hopes Local Investors Will Make New Iowa City Location A Reality - Iowa City Press-Citizen, Feb 22
Boles: Relationships Are Important In Doing Business With Chinese - The Gazette, Feb 13
Local Woman Represents 'Royalty' of Children's Theater - The Daily Iowan, Feb 9
Marketing Students Analyze Super Bowl Ads - Iowa City Press-Citizen, Feb 6
Marketing Students Analyze Super Bowl Commercials - The Daily Iowan, Feb 6
Berg Says People Misunderstand Federal Tax Rules - Iowa City Press-Citizen, Feb 5
Profile: Economics Alumnus John Kuzmanich - KUIK, Feb 1
UI Students Begin Publishing Verum Magazine - Iowa City Press-Citizen, Feb 1


Business Alumnus Ohl Is Profiled - The London Free Press, Jan 30
UI Honors Tippie With Flash Mob - Iowa City Press-Citizen, Jan 27
Solow Says Negative Impact Of Gas Tax Increase Would Be Limited - Cedar Falls Patch, Jan 24
Barker's Book Explains What Government-less Free Market Would Look Like - Iowa City Press-Citizen, Jan 22
Student Balances Handyman Business, School - Iowa City Press-Citizen, Jan 20
IEM Trading Leans to Romney - Iowa City Press-Citizen, Jan 17
New Zealand Follows in the Footsteps of Trailblazing IEM - Voxy, Jan 16
IEM Shows How to Predict a President - Brad Schiller, Jan 11
Berg Explains Predictive Success of IEM - CNN, Jan 9
Would IEM-Style Markets Remove Some Political Silliness? - Fox Business, Jan 6
Weller Discusses Effects of European Debt on U.S. Economy -, Jan 5
Whiteman Examines the Impact of Iowa's Economy on the GOP Caucuses - Bloomberg TV, Jan 3