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  • Chinese Students in America: 300,000 and Counting
    (Foreign Policy, 11/16/2015)

    Tippie College of BusinessIn 1981, when Erhfei Liu entered Brandeis University as an undergraduate, he was only the second student from mainland China in the school’s history. “I was a rare animal from Red China,” Liu said in a Sept. 1 interview with Foreign Policy, “an alien from the moon.”

  • 'We Have a Lot of Work to do Institutionally'
    (KCRG, 11/13/2015)

    A growing number of American universities of late — the University of Missouri and Yale University most recently — have been accused of handling sensitive subjects poorly and failing to respond to incidents of bias appropriately.

  • Minimum Wage Debate: Meet People Living on it
    (The Des Moines Register, 11/12/2015)

    Heather Costello of Sioux City works for $7.25 an hour, the federal minimum wage. For 40 hours a week, she presses meats into Lunchables on an assembly line at Tur-Pak Foods in Sioux City.

  • New View On MBA Admissions At Tippie
    (Poets & Quants, 11/11/2015)

    The applicants who sit in front of University of Iowa Tippie College of Business’s new MBA admissions director have little idea that his assessment of them is based, in part, on the scenes of suffering and deprivation he witnessed in a far off land. To be clear, those were not scenes from Paul Pinckley’s nearly 11 years as executive director of student recruitment at Pepperdine University’s Graziadio School of Business & Management, which overlooks the sea in star-studded Malibu – but in those years he saw a lot of would-be business students come through his office doors. It was the three years directly previous to his start at Tippie that changed the way Pinckley looks at B-school applicants.

  • Dillon Gage Metals Highlights Relationship of Gold and Oil
    (ABC News 4, 10/29/2015)

    Dillon Gage Metals, an international precious metals wholesaler, is taking a closer look at the tandem relationship between gold and oil. As it turns out, their relationship over the last 30 years has produced a long-term link in prices with regard to inflation.

  • Bringing Foundational Research in from the Cold
    (Social Science Space, 10/20/2015)

    Like a favorite quote that turns out not to have passed the lips of Churchill or Twain, foundational research often is honored as its interpreters see it and not as the original author presented it. That’s one premise of a new paper from the journal Human Relations that examines how secondary research, in this case on Kurt Lewin’s change management theory, has frozen out Lewin’s original insights (which appeared in the first paper in the then-new journal Human Relations in 1947, the same year Lewin would die of a heart attack).

  • Nebraska Banker has a Rock 'n' Roll Background in Iowa Band
    (The Grand Island Independent , 09/27/2015)

    During the daytime, Chris Kaskie ('73) works in consumer lending at Home Federal Bank. Those who know him only as a banker would've been surprised to see him earlier this month, singing "Barbara Ann" with musicians who normally work with Jan and Dean and the Beach Boys.

  • Pancheros Presses on with its Fresh-Pressed Success
    (Iowa City Press-Citizen, 09/24/2015)

    For more than two decades, Pancheros Mexican Grill has been part of the balanced diet of many University of Iowa students, who have made the company’s original downtown location a popular near-campus haunt.

  • Tippie Students Aid Pancheros' New Marketing Push
    (Corridor Business Journal, 09/23/2015)

    Panchero's restaurants based in Iowa City are in the process of expanding into markets on the East Coast and in Florida, and students with the University of Iowa have helped shape part of the business's new campaign, the university announced this week.

  • What's Behind The "Locavore" Trend In Wisconsin
    (Wisconsin Public Radio, 09/23/2015)

    For the last several years, the popularity of farmers' markets has been on the rise, especially in Wisconsin. We learn about new research on what's behind the "locavore" trend, and then we talk to a Wisconsin guest about how this trend is playing out in the state.

  • UI Local Foods Research
    (Iowa City Press-Citizen, 09/14/2015)

    Tippie College of Business professors at the University of Iowa are looking into the underlying, economical reasons for the recent trends in farmers markets and buying local.

  • Nobel Prize Winning Economist to Speak at University of Iowa
    (The Gazette, 09/12/2015)

    Tippie College of BusinessAlvin Roth is a match maker. And while he may not help singles find love, he does use economics to solve real problems — helping school systems be better at matching students with schools and even spearheading a system that pairs those in need of a kidney with a compatible donor.

  • The New Look and Sound of Resumes and Job Interviews
    (Viewpoints, 09/06/2015)

    These days, a phone or digital interview often precedes the face-to-face meeting for job hunters. If you think that all you have to do is sit in front of your computer or cell phone camera and talk, think again. Resumes are also changing, with online services such as Linkedin and CareerBuilder the first places an employer looks to find an applicant. We talk to two employment specialists about how the interview and resume processes have changed, and how applicants can get the edge in the digital job search market.

  • The Power of Film
    (Iowa Now, 09/02/2015)

    Social scientists have long argued documentary films are powerful tools for social change. 

  • The Moral Imperatives of Community Food: A 21st-Century Civic Duty
    (Mother Earth News, 09/01/2015)

    More and more as the years go by, clean community food initiatives – co-ops, CSAs, farmers markets and the like – are recognized as critical moral responses to the daunting environmental, economic and health crises of our era. Community farm and food initiatives have emerged as a necessary, noble, and common-sense civic opportunities in our 21st Century with all its technical gyrations, climate shifts, contaminated environments, and social dislocations. Plain and simple, they are intelligent and necessary responses to reality.

  • Food to farm markets making impact
    (Southwest Farm Press, 08/31/2015)

    Once considered a central community hub for the freshest produce available and a place where consumers could socialize with their neighbors on a regular basis, local food markets, or farmer's markets as they were once called, are making a significant comeback in recent times and, according to a new study, offer modern consumers a chance to connect with producers that grow their food.

  • Iowa Colleges Fostering Entrepreneurs
    (The Des Moines Register, 08/30/2015)

    Garrett Carty and Sam Lowry were about to leave money on the table — literally and figuratively — before a group of Des Moines entrepreneurs told them otherwise.