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  • Entrepreneur Program Expands
    (The Daily Iowan, 07/21/2014)

    Iowans across the state seeking to begin their own businesses will soon have a new resource available.

  • Iowa City Kids Are Scooping Up Business Knowledge
    (Cedar Rapids Gazette, 07/10/2014)

    Perfecting an ice cream flavor is a challenging process. Would-be inventors need to pick the right toppings and mixin's to create an appealing and original concoction capable of reaching a wide audience. At the Jacobson Institute for Youth Entrepreneurship, they add in one last ingredient: future entrepreneurial skills.

  • Apps Pave Path to Accidental Entrepreneurship
    (USA Today, 06/11/2014)

    The 26-year-old University of Iowa student had no plans to start a business as she entered her final year studying marine conservation. But a trip to some garbage-infested beaches in Mexico convinced her a mobile application to encourage recycling could help.

  • Options Expert Tackles the Penn West Case
    (The Globe and Mail, 06/04/2014)

    A financial puzzle went unsolved for about 10 years before Professor Erik Lie came along in the middle of the past decade. He spent months sorting out how thousands of executives in the United States ended up with favourably priced stock options. Now Canadian companies are in his crosshairs.

  • Risk Viewed in the Round
    (Zurich, 06/03/2014)

    A few years ago, the pharmaceutical industry was almost paralyzed—by a triple blow from the Olympics, a hurricane, and subprime mortgages. To set the scene: pharmaceutical companies use tiny amounts of an inexpensive solvent, acetonitrile, to measure impurities in the drugs they make. Acetonitrile is a byproduct of acrylonitrile, which is used to make plastics for things like car parts and acrylic fibers for things like carpets.

  • Personal Intelligence: Clues from a Handshake
    (Psychology Today, 06/03/2014)

    We use our personal intelligence to reason accurately about personality. Part of personal intelligence involves identifying clues to what an individual's personality is like.

  • A List of Top Schools Feeding the Asset Management Industry
    (Wall Street Journal, 05/30/2014)

    Which university has produced the most money managers? Ivy League schools rank highly, of course. (Editor's Note: The University of Iowa is listed among the top schools ranked by MBA graduates when scaled for school size.)