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  • Getting an A in Burritos (09/22/2015)

    UI marketing students help develop new marketing campaign for Iowa City-based Pancheros’ expansion to East Coast.

  • Frontier Co-op Exec Talks Social Responsibility (09/09/2015)

    Tony Bedard, CEO Frontier Natural Products Co-opTony Bedard, CEO of Frontier Natural Products Co-op, will speak about the trends in sustainability and social responsibility in local markets. The executive humanitarian will present in Macbride Hall at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, September 30. The event is free and open to the public.

  • Putting the Community in Coffee (08/31/2015)

    Tara Cronbaugh, owner of The Java House and Heirloom Salad CompanyTara Cronbaugh started her first business when she was 21 years old. She had a business plan, roughly $3,000 in her checking account, and the passion to create a community in Iowa City.

  • A Helping Hand (08/27/2015)

    Tippie College of Business, Molly RedenbaughTo some people, making money may be their primary objective. For others, it’s recognition. But for Molly Redenbaugh, making an impact and connecting with others are her real goals.

  • Food is Community (08/24/2015)

    Farmer's market stock photoMore Americans than ever before are supporting their local food markets, and it’s not just because they believe the food is fresher and tastes better.

  • An Appetite for Apps (07/30/2015)

    Tippie College of BusinessWhen the iPhone App Store first opened in July 2008, there were 800 mobile computer software applications available for users to download and run on smartphones, tablet computers, and other mobile devices. Since then, the market for apps has exploded — as of September 2014, there were 1.3 million. As one might expect, Tippie students and alumni are among the app developers creating the wildly popular and useful software. Many were residents in the Bedell Entrepreneurial Learning Laboratory (BELL), a business incubator for entrepreneurial students.

  • The Tippie RISE Experience (07/23/2015)

    Tippie announced its new Tippie RISE program earlier this summer. Each incoming Tippie student must complete at least one of the four Tippie RISE experiences: research, internship, study abroad or experiential course. These four seniors at Tippie completed one or more of each. By doing a Tippie RISE experience, they each became more knowledgeable of the business world, and will use that experience to further themselves in their career. 

  • Researching Research (07/23/2015)

    Jia Liu, a senior accounting major at TippieJia Liu wanted to know for sure she was prepared to go into research, so she decided trying it out as an undergraduate could help her make her decision to become a Ph.D. student after graduation.

  • Orientation 2015 (07/22/2015)

    Another summer of University of Iowa's orientation passed by, leaving thousands of freshmen ready to head to classes in the fall. Our Tippie direct admits shared photos and their own stories throughout the summer.

  • Learning About the Real Business World (07/22/2015)

    Ryan Rodriguez, a senior accounting and finance major at TippieRyan Rodriguez needed internships to make himself look better to employers—to give himself a competitive edge—but two internships later, he thinks they are more than just resume builders.

  • Experiencing Life and Business Abroad (07/22/2015)

    Eric Bundy, a marketing and Spanish major with an International Business CertificateAfter spending an entire school year abroad and a little extra time to travel around Europe, Eric Bundy realized on his plane ride home that studying abroad was the best experience of his life.

  • RAGBRAI is a Classroom for UI Entrepreneurial Students (07/20/2015)

    RAGBRAI 2015It’s not everyday that a town like Solon has thousands of bike riders passing slowly through their town, checking out the ambience and its quant charm, but that’s what will happen on Friday, when Solon is a pass-through town for this year’s RAGBRAI bicycle ride.

  • In Agreement (07/16/2015)

    When Jennifer Marietta-Westberg, PhD00, reflects on the trajectory of her career at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, she recognizes the importance of one simple three-letter word: YES.

  • Martial Art (07/16/2015)

    Tippie College of Business, Art DurnevWhat does judo have to do with business education?

  • Life After Tippie (07/14/2015)

    Life after graduation can take former students in all different directions. Sometimes the transition from college to the "real world" is simple, but not always. We caught up with a few Tippie graduates to see how post-grad life is treating them.

  • Accounting Faculty Highlights (07/09/2015)

    Tippie Accounting FacultyMeet our accounting faculty and discover little known facts—from who loves Seinfeld to who collects PenDelfin rabbits.

  • From Front Lines to Bottom Lines (07/09/2015)

    Tippie College of Business, Scott SchmidtThe Apache helicopter has been called one of the most sophisticated developments in the history of war. Its heavily armed exterior and lethal agility have made it the premier combat helicopter for the U.S. Army.