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  • The Flipped Classroom (08/18/2014)

    Flipped Classroom at the Tippie College of Business After spending the majority of his academic career learning in the traditional format—lectures in class, readings and homework out of class—Ethan Perkins, Central Control States market manager for Stoli Group USA in Des Moines, was initially wary of Jon Garfinkel’s unconventional education methods. Garfinkel, professor of finance and Henry B. Tippie Research Fellow, teaches from a reversed perspective—flipping the problem-solving side of class into the classroom and pre-recording his lectures (which often replace readings) for listening and playback online, which the students must do outside of class.

  • The Henry Fund: Launching Careers for 20 Years (08/15/2014)

    Henry Tippie FundFor two decades, the Henry Fund—the core focus of the Applied Securities Management course in the Full-time MBA Program—has done more than live up to the promise of hands-on education. It set a trend, won awards, and provided close to 30 student scholarships. In addition, it has become a prestigious résumé enhancement sought after by MBA program applicants as well as corporate recruiters.

  • UI and JPEC Bring Startup Program to Des Moines (07/16/2014)

    A year-old pilot program at the University of Iowa that helps entrepreneurs learn about a popular method of startup businesses will come to Des Moines in September. But first, the directors of Venture School want to have a sort of coming-out party.

  • Top Iowa High School Students Learn Entrepreneurial Skills at UI Camp (07/07/2014)

    The Innovation Institute will draw 20 top high school students from across Iowa to participate in a two-week intensive summer program where they’ll learn technical and entrepreneurial skills to create their own working apps, which could earn them seed money to fund their own startup technology companies.