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  • Making Learning 'Click'
    (BizEd, 01/15/2015)

    Professors who use clickers in class to assess student understanding will see students' learning improve, according to William Hedgcock of the University of Iowa's Tippie School of Business in Iowa City and Rob Rouwenhorst of St. Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa. The pair found that students who use clickers learn more, enjoy class more, are more likely to read the textbook, and receive better grades than students who don't. Handheld clickers allow users to submit answers to true-false or multiple-choice questions and give professors opportunities to assess student understanding in real time--and quickly identify and address areas where students are struggling. 

  • Training a New Generation of Samurai: Why Theres a Big Data Skills Gap, and How to Solve It
    (Biometric Bulletin, 12/31/2014)

    Just over a year ago, Voyager 1 left our solar system. That made the little spaceship the first man-made object to reach interstellar space. While that’s mindboggling on its own, here’s what makes it even more amazing: Voyager 1 has less computing power than the original IBM personal computer. That PC, released in 1981, had two 5 ¼-inch floppy disk drives and 256 kb of memory.

  • Opening Bell Has Rung for 2016 Iowa Electronic Markets
    (Iowa City Press-Citizen, 12/19/2014)

    Before the 114th Congress has even been sworn in and seated, the campaign for the 2016 general election has begun in earnest. And for online traders who would like to put their money where they think the nation's votes will be, the opening bell has rung for the University of Iowa's 2016 Iowa Electronic Markets.

  • Gaining Real World Experience
    (The Gazette, 12/14/2014)

    As the fall semester comes to an end, University of Iowa students Ashley Ambrose and Ryan Monkman stood at the front of a classroom in the John Pappajohn Business Building on Tuesday, preparing to give their final presentation to a semester-long project.

  • Seasonal Hiring: Economic Boost or Blip?
    (The Gazette, 12/06/2014)

    More than 820,000 people will be hired for seasonal retail jobs this year, up 11 percent from a year ago. But the precise effect on the regional and national economy is not so clear cut.

  • Are You Happy at Work? Bosses Push Weekly Polls
    (The Wall Street Journal, 12/02/2014)

    Here are some things Rebecca Joyner’s bosses at Metis Communications have wondered lately: Does she feel that managers listen to her? (Yes.) What are you proud of accomplishing last week? (Helping pitch a marketing project.) Did she have an embarrassing haircut as a kid? (A bad perm, 1987.)

  • UI International Enrollment at All-Time High
    (The Daily Iowan, 11/20/2014)

    While the University of Iowa’s international population may continue to increase, some students suggest officials are beginning to address some of the growing pains.

  • Iowa Retailers Give Back
    (Des Moines Register, 11/09/2014)

    Hy-Vee Inc. wants to give customers a greater say in its philanthropy.

  • Tippie Expands Cedar Rapids Offerings
    (The Gazette, 11/08/2014)

    Cedar Rapids skylineThe University of Iowa’s Tippie College is expanding its professional educational services at its Cedar Rapids center. The university has offered a part-time MBA program, designed for those who work full-time, at the facility, 221 Second Ave. SE, for several years.

  • Patagonia Exec Speaks on Sustainability
    (Iowa City Press-Citizen, 11/02/2014)

    Rick Ridgeway, Patagonia Patagonia, an outdoor wear and gear company, is known for its corporate commitment of making the best product, causing no unnecessary harm and using business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.

  • Put Your Money Where Your Vote Is
    (The Wall Street Journal, 11/01/2014)

    Do you have a prediction for this week’s midterm election results? I don’t want to hear it. Just go and bet.