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  • Annex Analytics Brings Data Power to the People
    (Corridor Business, 06/27/2016)

    Data analytics has matured as an effective strategy for helping businesses make better decisions, but not all companies have shared equally in its benefits.

  • University of Iowa Joins the Big Data Rush
    (Corridor Business, 06/27/2016)

    Businesses large and small have discovered the power of data to make better decisions, and that has made the Business Analytics and Information Systems (BAIS) degree program at the University of Iowa one of the hottest tickets for business students.

  • Mandela Fellows Land in Iowa City
    (The Daily Iowan, 06/22/2016)

    A group of emerging leaders from sub-Saharan Africa has traveled to Iowa City, and the will spend six weeks engaging and participating in entrepreneurial education at University of Iowa.

  • 50 Mandela Fellows Coming to Iowa from Africa
    (The Des Moines Register, 06/17/2016)

    Fifty young government and business professionals from Africa are coming to Iowa this weekend for a six-week long fellowship with two universities.

  • 6 Signs of Job Burnout
    (Success, 06/06/2016)

    According to recent research in Harvard Business Review, 3 to 5 percent of employees are responsible for nearly one-third of value-added collaborations in the average corporation. As high performers repeatedly prove their capabilities and desire to help, they become the ones chosen for top company projects.

  • Helping Cities Prepare for Growth
    (Iowa Now, 05/31/2016)

    As cities grow and populations move, policy makers want to see the signs as soon as possible in order to plan for the changes and consider what these changes might do to the environment.

  • Alan Reed: The Business of Medicine
    (Medicine Iowa, 05/23/2016)

    Managerial accounting, human resources, and negotiations might seem like odd topics for the medical school curriculum. Yet these are three of the courses offered to University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine students who select to participate in a new distinction track in health care delivery science and management. Alan Reed, MD, MBA, director of the UI Organ Transplant Center and adjunct professor of accounting in the UI Tippie College of Business, talked with Medicine Iowa about this unique collaboration between the two colleges.

  • Traveling Orthopedic Surgeons Improve Rural Care
    (Iowa Now, 05/18/2016)

    Orthopedic patients living in rural areas are more likely to be older, overweight, and less physically active, but their access to care often is limited because there aren’t enough local practitioners.

  • University of Iowa Students Team Up with Fox Sports, BTN
    (The Gazette, 05/16/2016)

    Football gameIf you see a Big Ten Network food truck roll up outside a Hawkeye home football game this fall, you can credit a group of University of Iowa business students tapped this spring to help the company, along with Fox Sports and Mediacom, stay relevant to millennials.

  • Offering Better Benefits? Timing Is Everything
    (Business News Daily, 05/03/2016)

    The size and scope of a benefits package can either boost or sink startup businesses. They key is the timing of when that package is offered, new research finds.