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  • Seasonal Hiring: Economic Boost or Blip?
    (The Gazette, 12/06/2014)

    More than 820,000 people will be hired for seasonal retail jobs this year, up 11 percent from a year ago. But the precise effect on the regional and national economy is not so clear cut.

  • Business College Deans Bet a Bushel on TaxSlayer Bowl
    (Corridor Business Journal, 12/02/2014)

    The business college deans of the University of Iowa and the University of Tennessee are wagering corn and tomatoes on the Jan. 2 TaxSlayer Bowl in what could be a promotional coup for vegetable growers.

  • Are You Happy at Work? Bosses Push Weekly Polls
    (The Wall Street Journal, 12/02/2014)

    Here are some things Rebecca Joyner’s bosses at Metis Communications have wondered lately: Does she feel that managers listen to her? (Yes.) What are you proud of accomplishing last week? (Helping pitch a marketing project.) Did she have an embarrassing haircut as a kid? (A bad perm, 1987.)

  • UI International Enrollment at All-Time High
    (The Daily Iowan, 11/20/2014)

    While the University of Iowa’s international population may continue to increase, some students suggest officials are beginning to address some of the growing pains.

  • Iowa Retailers Give Back
    (Des Moines Register, 11/09/2014)

    Hy-Vee Inc. wants to give customers a greater say in its philanthropy.

  • Tippie Expands Cedar Rapids Offerings
    (The Gazette, 11/08/2014)

    Cedar Rapids skylineThe University of Iowa’s Tippie College is expanding its professional educational services at its Cedar Rapids center. The university has offered a part-time MBA program, designed for those who work full-time, at the facility, 221 Second Ave. SE, for several years.

  • Patagonia Exec Speaks on Sustainability
    (Iowa City Press-Citizen, 11/02/2014)

    Rick Ridgeway, Patagonia Patagonia, an outdoor wear and gear company, is known for its corporate commitment of making the best product, causing no unnecessary harm and using business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.

  • Put Your Money Where Your Vote Is
    (The Wall Street Journal, 11/01/2014)

    Do you have a prediction for this week’s midterm election results? I don’t want to hear it. Just go and bet.

  • Bettors Say GOP Will Gain Senate
    (Des Moines Register, 10/28/2014)

    Investors in the Iowa Electronic Markets—a legal way to bet on politics—are leaning toward the GOP winning the U.S. Senate.

  • Iowa Study Shows Sectors Lacking Female Leaders
    (Business Record, 10/27/2014)

    Iowa women are missing in the leadership levels of the state's private and publicly traded companies and government boards, although that isn't surprising news, according to the CEO of Iowa Women Lead Change, an organization working to advance women's leadership in the state. 

  • UI Grad Hopes to Turn 'Blue Cheese' Into Cash
    (Iowa City Press-Citizen, 10/25/2014)

    When RuiHao Min took his girlfriend to an Italian restaurant during his freshman year at the University of Iowa, a polite gesture turned faux pas when he ordered for his date and received an undesirable entrée, but also a potentially lucrative idea: Blue Cheese.

  • Young Attorney Garners Superman Comparison in Court
    (Des Moines Register, 10/22/2014)

    [2006 Tippie alum] Amos Hill recalls his first big case as a lawyer, in 2011, when he defended a design firm caught up in a lawsuit. It went to a civil jury trial at the Polk County Courthouse, involving five parties, high damage claims and multiple attorneys. Hill, now 30, was the youngest one in the room. He calls it his Superman trial.

  • 10 People to Grab Coffee with if You're New to the DSM Startup Community
    (Silicon Prairie News, 10/22/2014)

    While the Silicon Prairie may span several states and include vastly different types of companies and entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds (and football rivalries), supportive communities are one factor that tie them all together. Whether you’re in Omaha or Des Moines, Kansas City or Cedar Rapids, you’ll find people who really care about helping their fellow entrepreneur thrive.

  • Soft Skills Hot Commodity Among Employers
    (The Gazette, 10/19/2014)

    So you’ve got degree from a good university. And you graduated with honors, after landing several internships that gave you credible experience to include in your growing resume.

  • Remembering William Seward's Alaska 'Folly'
    (National Constitution Center, 10/17/2014)

    This weekend marks the 147th anniversary of one of the most controversial land deals in American history: the Alaska Purchase or Seward’s Folly.

  • U of I Joins ABI to Help Iowa Businesses Go Global
    (Business Record, 10/15/2014)

    Dimy DorescaMany small businesses in Iowa want to expand to overseas markets but don't know where to start. An expanded program of the University of Iowa's Henry B. Tippie College of Business could provide the means to help more small companies go global.

  • Dane's Dairy Gets a Helping Hand from Tippie Students
    (Iowa City Press-Citizen, 10/06/2014)

    In the last 50 years, the landscape of Iowa City has undergone many changes, but one community mainstay is getting help from a group of students to ensure that the shop continues on well into the future.

  • Iowa Companies Work to Match Jobs, Qualified Employees
    (USA Today, 10/03/2014)

    The job market is perking up, but in one of Iowa's top industries, matching open positions with qualified employees is a puzzle employers and educators say they are struggling to put together.

  • Six-Week Start-Up Course Outlines How to Get a Business Started
    (Iowa City Press-Citizen, 10/03/2014)

    Anna Sobaski's business, Breads From Anna, had its first product launch 10 years ago. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Sobaski was an art teacher whose decision to change careers led her to a cooking school, which specialized in health supportive cooking. Sobaski was diagnosed with celiac disease 15 years ago, and after finishing the cooking program, she wanted to help other people with celiac disease.

  • U of Iowa Adds Analytics to Graduate and Undergrad Offerings
    (Data Informed, 10/02/2014)

    With data volumes growing at unprecedented rates and businesses in every vertical looking to take advantage of the insights they promise, it’s no secret that employees with strong data skills are in great demand. Add those skills to a business degree from the University of Iowa’s top-ranked Tippie College of Business, and graduates are going to be strong contenders in any job market.

  • Program Helping Some Students Fit In
    (CBS 2 News, 09/25/2014)

    International Buddies at TippieAssimilation in a foreign country can be tough. That's why the University of Iowa’s Tippie College of Business created a program to help their international students settle in.