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May the Best Lemonade Stand Win

Remember those summer days as a child, trying to sell lemonade to your neighbors and passers-by?

On Thursday, a group of middle school students participating in a University of Iowa entrepreneur class held a lemonade stand competition.

The goal was to sell as much lemonade as possible in one hour.

The eight teams teams positioned their stands throughout Iowa City’s Pedestrian Mall. They used various strategies like slashing prices, catchy phrases, and colorful menu boards to attract customers to their stand.

Hannah Grosvenor, an eighth-grade student from Okaboji said her team—Pappajohn Sweets—came up with a novel idea to compete with the seven other lemonade stands: sell sugar-free iced tea.

Grosvenor said it was a way to differentiate themselves from others and attract consumers who may be prefer that beverage for health reasons.

Fifteen minutes before their stand closed this morning, Pappajohn Sweets had sold about a half dozen drinks and a dozen cookies.

The team hoped to make enough money to pay back the money they borrowed from the University to buy their products. Grosvenor said this exercise taught her a lot about business management.

“It is easy and hard at the same time to start your own business,” she said. “If you have the money and passion, you’re able to start your own business.”


Reporter: Jami Brinton

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