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UI Dean: Londoners Resuming Lives

A University of Iowa dean in England says Londoners are already going on with their lives, one day after bombs rocked the city.

Gary Fethke, dean of the University of Iowa Tippie College of Business, said in an e-mail that police, the government, and the religious community--both Christian and Muslim--"have come together to condemn the attacks in the strongest terms."

Fethke and his wife, UI emeritus professor Carol Fethke, have a flat in London where they spend some summers.

They were at their flat, not far from the attack on the London bus, when the explosions occurred Thursday morning.

"There, of course, is shock and anger here, but a great deal of resolve not to allow this callous and cowardly attack on innocent people to affect the way people live and work," Gary Fethke wrote. "London is a diverse, open city, and everyone wants to keep it that way.

"Also, the English seem quite resilient to me. They do not give in easily. Carol and I will ride the Tube (subway), the buses, and all public transport today, and we plan to do what others are doing here, which is to keep on with our lives."

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