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Iowan Witnesses Chaos of London Attacks

One Iowan witnessed some of the chaos after the first London attacks three weeks ago. Matt Skogman is an economics student at the University of Iowa and he took advantage of the chance to study in London over the summer.

Until a few weeks ago, his trip was filled with amazing opportunities--even the announcement that the city where he was staying would host the next Olympic games. But one morning while at a museum, Matt got word of what he thought was a minor explosion in one of the subway or tube terminals. But Matt soon learned the severity of the attacks as he took a cab across town.

Pouring out of the tube terminals were sooty-faced people and an army of paramedics carrying bloody passengers on stretchers. Matt says, after witnessing the chaos, his American group had just about had enough. "After the first set it was hard to get back on the Tube, but after the second set and after the guy got shot, a lot of people in our program wouldn't even ride it anymore, just too scared. Parents were just too upset, so we started taking cabs everywhere."

As soon as he learned of the attacks, Matt phoned home to Cedar Rapids to tell his mom he was okay.

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