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Tippie Student Selected for Foreign Language Scholarship

An elite cadre of University of Iowa students has decided to master obscure and uncommon languages--by U.S. standards--in an effort to gain a professional edge and valuable cultural experiences. The 11 graduate students were selected for the U.S. Education Department's Foreign Language and Area Studies summer fellowships. The fellowships provide full tuition and a stipend to pursue beginning-level course work in less commonly taught languages at a U.S. institution or for intermediate or advanced-level intensive language study at an institution in the United States or abroad. "I truly believe that learning a foreign language allows you to gain a deeper understanding of another culture than you wouldn't otherwise," said Erin Johnson, a graduate student at the U of I Tippie College of Business. Johnson is spending six weeks in Poland this summer through the foreign language fellowship."I found the Poles to be extremely receptive to my efforts to speak Polish," Johnson said. "I was secretly thrilled each time I was asked for directions and could actually respond in Polish."

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