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UI Teams Up for Agribusiness MBA in China

The Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) Executive MBA program in food and agribusiness -- offered in conjunction with the University of Iowa's HENRY B. TIPPIE SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT and with Purdue University -- grew out of consulting work that the Franklin Institute of Management (FIM) did with food companies in China. With agribusiness growing even faster than the Chinese economy as a whole, FIM -- a Beijing-based executive-training company -- saw tremendous demand for an MBA program devoted solely to that sector. Chinese universities didn't have expertise in agribusiness, and agriculture universities lacked classes in general management, so FIM looked to the West, settling on the University of Iowa and Purdue, which FIM felt offered the best combination of strengths. Iowa and Purdue approached the CAAS in 2003, and a deal was struck.

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