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Russi, Collins Comment on iPods

An increasing number of professors at Duke and other college campuses are experimenting with making lectures and study materials available to students via iPods and other MP3 players. They become study aids for students, allowing them to fast-forward to a part of a lecture they may not have understood the first time or review complicated themes before exams. "It's just a further expansion of the knowledge base," says CHRIS RUSSI, an assistant professor of emergency medicine at the University of Iowa. He recently built a Web site that holds audio and visual files of lectures. Skeptics hope the rush to experiment with iPods won't affect classroom teaching. "There is no substitute for the energy exchanged one-on-one in a living classroom," says DAVE COLLINS, a marketing lecturer at the University of Iowa. "I would compare it to listening to a CD or podcast of Dave Matthews as opposed to being at a concert." The article originally appeared in the DES MOINES REGISTER.

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