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Entrepreneur Camp Alumnus Returns to Volunteer

While many campers this summer are tying square knots, paddling canoes or weaving friendship bracelets, a growing number are instead drawing up business plans and generating personal budgets. At entrepreneur and finance camps from coast to coast, business is open. John DeAngelis, 15, is finding his own balance of leisure and business this summer. Based on the plans he wrote at YOUTH ENTREPRENEUR CAMP during the last two years at the UNIVERSITY OF IOWA, John has started two services: selling people's items on eBay for a 25 percent commission, and converting VHS home movies to DVD. He estimates the ventures have netted him $2,000. This year John went back to camp, volunteering to help the 9-to-11-year-old group. He said that along with hanging out with his friends, playing golf and swimming, "working on business ideas is a great way to spend the summer." A version of the story also ran July 30 on the Website of the Taipei Times in Taiwan.

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