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Tippie MBA Students Learn Etiquette

As well as mastering marketing, finance and leadership, new students arriving for the Tippie School of Management's full-time MBA have been learning a series of other vital skills. For example, which fork do you use for salad? In a pointed example of the importance of etiquette and cultural understanding in today's global business world, students at the Tippie School, part of the University of Iowa, received some very specialized training during their week-long orientation program in mid-August. The school drafted in etiquette guru Lydia Ramsey to show the 60-strong class how to conduct themselves during a business meal. While seemingly trivial, matters such as formal dining are important to learn, the Tippie School stresses, especially when students come not only from across the United States but also countries such as China, Russia, Nigeria, Turkey, Pakistan and India. "This isn't training the students for high tea with the queen," said GARY GAETH, associate dean of the Tippie School. "Because so many of our students come from so many different countries, they come with significant differences in their cultural backgrounds, especially in areas like etiquette.

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