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CEO Explains Choice Of UI Degree

A survey by executive recruiter Spencer Stuart reports that that only 10 percent of CEOs of the top 500 companies in the world received degrees from Ivy League colleges, and that more received their degrees from the University of Wisconsin than from Harvard University, the most represented Ivy on the list. Mary Lynn Fayoumi, president and CEO of the Management Association of Illinois, attended the UNIVERSITY OF IOWA, because, as she says, "being from Iowa, there are two choices, Iowa or Iowa State." She went to Iowa, intending to be a psychology major, but within her first year she discovered that her goals might be much better reached in another field. While she knew that she wanted a leadership role and the opportunity to work in a large city, Fayoumi discovered that HR -- human resources -- had many of the same core principles as psychology, and that a degree in that field would also allow her to enter the business world. The newspaper is based in suburban Chicago.

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