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University Of Iowa Professor Wins Again, Solves 40-Year-Old Mathematics Problem

A University of Iowa researcher has helped solve an applied mathematics problem that had challenged computer scientists for 40 years, just one year after he helped find the solution to a 32-year-old problem. KURT ANSTREICHER, professor of management sciences in the Henry B. Tippie College of Business, working with NATHAN BRIXIUS, who earned his doctoral degree in computer science from the UI College of Liberal Arts and Sciences in 2000, discovered how to link 34 computer components together on a 9-by-4 grid using the shortest-possible wiring scheme. The problem, formally known as "ste36a" and based on the design of a UNIVAC computer, was posed by researcher Leon Steinberg in 1961. The solution to the problem was scheduled to be presented at a Friday, Oct. 12, mathematics workshop held in Berlin, Germany.

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