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UI Class Taking Part in Real-World Marketing

Often the best way to learn things is to get out of the classroom and do it.

That is exactly the strategy of a University of Iowa advertising theory class. The 63-student class is acting as a fully functioning marketing agency pitching the Subaru Impreza automobile.

"Subaru is our client, and we are trying to promote the Subaru Impreza," said UI senior Heather VanSlambrouck, 21, who is working in public relations, one of the departments the class is divided into. "Our target audience is college students."

The class has a $3,000 budget and is tasked with raising awareness and improving perceptions of the Subaru product. To accomplish this, they have organized three events, the last of which is Thursday.

The marketing agents from the class will have the vehicle out in front of Active Endeavors, 138 S. Clinton St., from 12:30 to 3:30 p.m. Thursday. They will be distributing information, raffle prizes, and pizza, letting people look inside the vehicle and then letting them drive it around campus to give the car more exposure.

The students chose Active Endeavors, an outdoor recreation store with clothing and gear, because they thought it had a similar brand and a similar audience.

"The brand is similar to the Subaru brand and so is the target audience -- the outdoorsy, smart, educated type. They are professional but have a life outside of work. We felt students could relate," VanSlambrouck said.

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