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Tippie Build 2 Breaks Ground

On a cold, snowy day in February, members of the Tippie community broke ground for Tippie Build 2, a Habitat for Humanity house that will be home to the Ibrahima and Khaditiatou Diallo family.

Ibrahima, a refugee of Mauritania in northwest Africa, and his wife from Senegal in West Africa, currently reside in a mobile home. The couple has three children; however, only two of them are living in the United States. Daughters Ramatou, a six-month old, and 2-year-old Mymuna were born in the United States. The couple's son, Amadou Djota, was born in West Africa and currently lives with his grandmother in Guinea. Ibrahima also has a daughter living in Africa. Soon, the family will be reunited. Ibrahima will take his citizenship test, and once passed, he will be able to move the couples' son and his daughter here to live with them.

The timing of the family's new home couldn't be better. The four-bedroom home will be the perfect size for the soon-to-be family of six. Ibrahima, a housekeeper at University Hospitals and Clinics, says he is looking forward to the stability that will come from owning a home.

"America," he said. "It's all about freedom. You guys are awesome, and you know how to treat others. It's not peaceful over there [in Mauritania], but here, it's all about peace."

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