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Marketing Students Pick Dorito's Spot as Best Super Bowl Ad

An overprotective son protecting his Doritos and his mother was selected as the best ad of the 2010 Super Bowl by marketing students in The University of Iowa's Tippie College of Business on Sunday.

The students rated the ads following the Graduate Marketing Association's annual Super Bowl ad watching party, held this year at Kinnick Stadium's Indoor Club. They found the ad, featuring a young boy telling his mother's date to keep his hands off his mother and his Doritos, most accurately and clearly communicated the brand positioning, was engaging, and appropriate for its target audience.

The students found Google's Parisian Romance ad to have the most overall impact, as the ad that was most likely to change or reinforce the audiences' attitude or behavior regarding the product. The Bud Light Deserted Island commercial was selected as the funniest ad.

The overall worst ad was for Dove for Men, a new skin care product from Dove. The students felt the ad was unclear, did not appropriately represent the brand, and did not reach the target demographic.

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