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Local College Offers Full Ride for 'Tweet'

Why do you want to go to college? And can you tweet it? Think that sounds crazy? One area university doesn't.

The MBA program at The University of Iowa is asking candidates to tweet why they should be accepted. The most creative tweet gets a full ride.

Jodi Schafer, director of admissions for the Tippie MBA program, said at times, reviewing applications can be tedious.

"The essays were becoming unoriginal, they were heavily edited, and we weren't seeing the candidates' personalities," Schafer explained.

So the Tippie scool decided to spice it up. Can you tweet in 140 characters or less why you should be accepted? Schafer said for MBA students, it makes sense.

"If you were in an elevator with a CEO, you would want to say something creative, very quickly. You 't have much time," said Shafer. "That's what a tweet allows. You have to sell yourself quickly."

While some fear social media might be hurting the youth's writing skills, Tippie candidate Michael Thompson disagreed.

"In college, they taught us to write concisely, clearly and concisely," Thompson said. "This Twitter thing is a step past that."

And Thompson said it's harder than you think.

"Every character counts," he laughed. "It's going to be a tough competition."

This tweet is not in place of the whole applications process. Students are still judged based on an essay, interview, grades, and test scores.

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