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Students Create 'Impossible' Ice Cream

The students held up their spoons above their dish of ice cream as Dawn Bowlus had instructed them.

"I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!" the fourth- and fifth-graders exclaimed in unison as they dug into their treat Thursday afternoon at the Pappajohn Business Building on the University of Iowa campus.

The ice cream, deemed "Mission Impossible," was the creation of two of the students—Jimmy Momberg of Iowa City and John Rohlena of Norway—at the UI's Jacobson Institute for Youth Entrepreneurship's weeklong camp this week. The new ice cream, made with a mixture of vanilla ice cream, marshmallows, chocolate, cookie dough, and caramel, was the winning flavor of a two-day project.

Bowlus, the director of the Jacobson Institute, said the camp was designed for students to learn the ins and outs of starting their own business and marketing a product. She said the camp's students have worked on creating ice cream every year since at least 2000, with Heyn's Ice Cream owner Paul Heyn speaking each year to the campers until his death in 2008. She said the students, grouped into teams of two or three, provided the information on ingredients, which ice cream to use as a base and a name for the creation on Tuesday to Heyn's, which developed the flavors of the three most viable and picked a winner to sell for at least the next 30 days.

"It has to be something that doesn't exist and isn't out there," Bowlus said. "It's something simple and something the kids can understand. We want kids to be creative and innovative... and come up with something they can try."

Jimmy Momberg and John Rohlena said they picked ingredients that they knew people liked. They said they were happy to win and hopeful their flavors could repeat the success of the "Monster Mash" flavor at Heyn's, which was developed in 2006 at the camp and continues to be sold there to this day.

"I'm hoping this stays in the store for a long time," Jimmy said.

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