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Your Tweet Could Win You a Full Scholarship Worth $37,240

That’s not a joke. The University of Iowa’s Henry B. Tippie School of Management in the U.S. is offering a full scholarship worth $37,240 to the MBA program applicant who sends them the most creative “tweet.” 140 characters are absolutely enough for every U.S. student to impress the admissions officers and win their dream MBA program.

Here is how they explain their innovative idea on their web site:

“Why are we incorporating Tweets into our application? Social media is a powerful tool for business communication, and is driving change in today’s business world. We see it as a natural way to set yourself apart as an MBA applicant.

We’re confident our applicants will come up with clever and creative answers to the following ‘essay’ question: “What makes you an exceptional Tippie Full-time MBA candidate and future MBA hire? Creativity encouraged!“

The catch is that students actually can use their tweet to redirect the commission to their blog post, vlogs, or any other online source. However, the content of the tweet itself remains extremely important for the final decision.

The other bonus is that all applicants who submit a response will have their application fee waived.

We found a little bit disappointing that all tweets must be sent privately via e-mail to the admissions officers (which is understandable because this is still an application for a MBA program). That will stop the crazy buzz that we expected to come out from this idea. We were so impressed with it that we asked for an official hashtag for the campaign. And they set it up.

If you are interested, follow #TippieTweet.

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