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New at the Top: Doug Taylor

Position: Executive director of the federal practice at Deloitte Consulting of Reston, a strategy and technology consulting firm.

Career highlights: Led Deloitte's global public-sector practice; Deloitte's public-sector director for the Americas; became a Deloitte principal in 1991; certified management consultant.

Age: 46

Education: BA, accounting and finance, University of Iowa; MA, business administration, DePaul University.

Personal: Lives in Houston; plans to move to Fairfax County with his wife, Rebecca, and their twins, David and Christine, 12.

What does the federal practice do? We provide the government consulting services in e-government, homeland security, finance and human resources systems, electronic procurement, e-learning, enterprise and change leadership.

What makes you the best fit for the job? My experience leading government consulting practices for the last six years. My department had the fastest growth for vertical industry within Deloitte. I promoted, created and expanded the plan for Deloitte to reenter the federal government sector.

What type of technology-based solutions will emerge in response to September 11? Integration of information has become very important since September 11. We have Web-based technology that allows us to pull information from older Legacy systems and consolidate this information across systems. We have the power to bring that information together and look at it in context.

Deloitte Consulting will soon change its name to Braxton. Why the change and when? We're looking at late fall for the announcement and the re-branding campaign to start.

How are you going to position the company in the marketplace? We are the largest privately held management consultant firm. We don't have to worry about quarterly results; we don't have to worry about shareholders. We are owned by partners and can focus solely on our clients.

-- Kate Wichmann

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