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Naked M&Ms and Matthew Broderick Rank High with Marketing Students

Naked M&Ms and the return of Ferris Bueller (sort of) were the winners among last night's Super Bowl ads, as judged by graduate marketing students in the University of Iowa's Tippie School of Management.

More than 60 students watched and graded the ads during the game at the Hawkeye Hall of Fame. The ad they ranked as the best was for M&Ms, in which the red candy does a striptease at a party.

Ranking second was a tie between Honda CRV's "Matthew Broderick," in which the actor revisits his iconic Ferris Bueller character 25 years later, and Chevrolet's "High School Graduation," in which a new graduate thinks he's getting a new Camaro for a graduation gift from his parents and not a mini-fridge.

Finishing out the top five was a pair of ads starring babies: "Nursery," the latest ad featuring E*Trade's talking baby, and Doritos' "Slingshot Baby."

The students also ranked the M&M's ad as the ad most likely to make them purchase the product. Other ads that ranked high in this category were game-long campaigns for Doritos, Coke, Budweiser, and Hyundai.

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