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Profile: Economics Alumnus John Kuzmanich

John is a native Oregonian, born in downtown Portland. His grandfather was a freedom fighter against the NAZI occupation in Europe. John's father fled communism and came to America for the opportunity and freedom it provided, and served this country as a U.S. Marine, teaching his son John a love for this country he's carried with him his entire life.

John spent his early years growing up in SW Portland and Washington County. He was raised Roman Catholic and attended St. Thomas Moore on Council Crest until his family relocated to Chicago, Ill.

John Kuzmanich is a graduate From the University of Iowa. He has a B.S. in economics, with an emphasis in finance, business administration, and political science. He has a love of books second only to his family and those close to him. He has a passionate lifetime love of history and a deep concern for the future direction of his country & mankind. 

Upon graduating college, out of one small room of a house, John & his father built up a small family business and as vice president of sales and operations grew a transportation brokerage into a multimillion dollar national operation.

Upon moving back to Portland in 1996, John embarked on a new At one of the biggest mortgage companies in Oregon, John rose to the top of his office in sales in under two years, and broke away to start his own company in Beaverton, expanding offices to Chicago with sales in nearly every state. At the height in 2006, John's combined offices had over $100 million per years in sales, and over $2 million in revenue. John has trained hundreds of sales associates and served thousands in his community, helping them navigate the tough financial and real estate markets in an ever-shifting economy. 

In 2009, like millions across the America, shaken by the direction his country was taking, John took to the streets politically at the town halls and the Tea Parties as his deep concern for his country grew.

In late 2009, John made the decision to run for United States Congress in Oregon's 1st Congressional district, his home, and following in the political tradition of Senator Mark Hatfield, a member of his family, he decided to put all his relevant experience to work to serve and represent his principles, his family, his community and country. John put together the largest grassroots campaigns in the entire state, and although he did not win the seat, he helped fire up the Tea Party Movement in Oregon that to this day is still going strong, and is forwarding and fighting for all he believes and stands for......fiscal responsiblity, limited government, and free market economic liberty......those American 1st principles that keep us free. 

In 2010, John married the love of his life, Miss Melanie Stratton, another native Oregonian, and a descendant of Clark, of Lewis and Clark fame.

Noteworthy Achievements:
John is the Chairman of the Oregon Tea Party PAC (Political Action Committee)
John is a State Republican Delegate
John's is a frequently heard guest on KPAM's Victoria Taft Show, KXL's Lars Larson & the Kremer & Abrams Show, OPB, and has regularly guest hosted for well known KUIK radio personalities, Jeff Krofpt & Jayne Carroll
John's company, AMERICAN STRATEGIES LLC, is a political and business consulting firm
John has written editorials by request for publications including the Portland Tribune, and has been seen, interviewed, and quoted by blog sites across the nation

In 2009, John was commended and acknowledged for stopping a robbery in progress, physically chasing, taking down, and restraining a career criminal with over 50 prior convictions in multiple states. His testimony and actions put the man away for years, stopping a crime spree in the Beaverton area.

John is a firm believer in the ideals of economic liberty, freedom, and individual rights as espoused by the Founding Fathers and laid out in our beloved U.S. Constitution and accompanying Bill of Rights.

John feels it is his duty to serve his family, community, and his principles, his district, state, and country by applying all that he is to the task of making our nation and our government the best that they can be.

John is the Host of the THE JOHN KUZMANICH SHOW on 1360 KUIK every day Monday thru Friday, 12-3 p.m.

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