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ClusterFlunk Co-Founders Receive National Recognition

ClusterFlunk co-founders AJ Nelson and Joe Dallago have been named to Under30CEO's first Rookies of the Year class.

Under30CEO set out to find these individuals and recognize their accomplishments in their first year of business. Some of this class includes entrepreneurs still in college building their own job, while others left a secure corporate career to take a big risk starting their own company. Despite all their differences, the two things these entrepreneurs have in common are a passion for their business and the desire to see it succeed.

ClusterFlunk is a peer-to-peer network that allows university students to connect with other students specifically in their classes. Mr. Nelson and Mr. Dallago came up with the idea for ClusterFlunk while still attending college. They disliked the fact that they could go an entire semester only meeting five people out of a 300-person lecture. They realized it was difficult to find and form study groups, share notes, and simply interact with classmates outside of the normal class time.

ClusterFlunk fills the gap between social media and the education space. They now have more than 1,500 registered students at the University of Iowa for ClusterFlunk are in the process of expanding to two new universities and have plans in place to go nationwide.

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