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Local College Students Helping Others

Four University of Iowa students from Sergeant Bluff have started a movement all centered around giving back.

Widespread Threads may be their business, but for this group of guys it's about so much more than that.

"What we do is different and we want to be able to give back for everything that we do."

And that they have. What started out as a college project centering around wristbands has turned into a clothing line. But not an ordinary clothing line. You see, for each shirt this group sells, they donate one to charity.

"You go out and you give people stuff and they're unsuspecting, and spreading that random acts of kindness, people light up."

Beyond the shirts, these random acts have included giving out roses to moms on Mother's Day in Iowa City as well as giving out study packs before exams at the University of Iowa.

"That ripple effect, you never know where that's going to go and that's really what we are trying to inspire through our clothing as well."

But what kind of response are they getting from the communities of Sergeant Bluff and Iowa City?

"We generally have just gotten great feedback. People love what we are doing."

The group is hosting a Widespread Threads party tomorrow night at the Warrior Sports Bar in Sergeant Bluff and they will also be selling their clothes at Saturday in the Park.

You can visit their website at

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