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Dating Algorithm Makes Matches

One of the hardest parts of dating is the uncertainty: will the person you like, like you back?

Finally, University of Iowa researcher Kang Zhao figured out an algorithm that matches up users with dates based on the likelihood that your crush will like you back.

"This algorithm can potentially find you a good date," Zhao said. "But whether it's a perfect match, whether you find your soul mate, you'll probably have to take it offline."

Zhao already has that figured out—he's been married to his wife, Tracy, for seven years. But, to do his research, he had to sign up for dating websites, too, something he had to clear at home, first.

"I just have to tell her, 'OK, I'm going to study this. I still love you. I still love our family,'" he said.

Zhao's algorithm is public domain, and he has already been contacted by some smaller dating websites to use it as a part of their platforms.

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